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The -coric suffix is used for genders that relate to aesthetics that end in "core". For example, a gender that relates to kidcore would be called kidcoric. If the aesthetic does not end in "core" it would be incorrect to use this suffix and one should use the -aesic suffix instead.[1] For a list of -coric genders, see category -Coric.

-Coric genders can only be created if a "core" for that concept already exists.[2]


-coric flag by beyond-mogai-pride-flags


The -coric suffix was coined on February 15th, 2019, by an anonymous submitter to the beyond-mogai-pride-flags Tumblr blog.[3]


For some reason, -coric is commonly misused within the MOGAI community. One of the earliest examples of this is cosmiccoric, which was coined on April 28, 2019, only two months after -coric was coined. It's unknown where the misconception about what -coric is supposed to be used for came from, nor why it exists at all.

While it is impossible to completely pin down where the misunderstanding of -coric's definition came from as there are no posts that could've spread it from between when -coric and cosmiccoric were coined, there is at least one theory as to how it spread.

This theory comes from a comment made by the now-deleted LGBTA Wiki user Jason Todd is a Twunk on the LGBTA Wiki's Colorwheel System page that both corrected misinformation about -coric and made a guess as to where it came from. This comment reads "I get the feeling that whoever made this page and did the tags has no idea what coric means. It's not a type of gender like xenogender, it's a suffix and one for genders related to core aesthetics. Not only does it not apply because none of these genders use the suffix, but because none of them are related to cores. I think I'm starting to understand where the misunderstanding about what coric actually is comes from."[4]

This likely comes from the Wiki treating -coric more as an umbrella term/kind of gender - mostly applied to aesthetigenders - , rather than a suffix and one with a specific use. This can be seen even in the August 20 revisions of the page, which read "Xenine identities may be considered coric, noungenders or aesthetigenders related to the color wheel."[5] even though none of the terms use -coric, nor do they fit the definition of being -core related.

Though the misuse of -coric on the LGBTA Wiki cannot be blamed on the Wiki, given that it predates the use on the Wiki, the incorrect use of the suffix mixed with the Wiki's large user base definitely exacerbated it.


The -coric flag was created on February 20th, 2019, by mod Fy on the beyond-mogai-pride-flags Tumblr blog.[6]


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