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Hello! Welcome to the Administration page. Chances are, you need something, and you are looking for a staff member. You are in the right place!

Feel free to scroll down to any box below, and click the username inside the box. Navigate to their respective message wall, and drop a message about whatever question, concern, or other topic that you have. The staff member will either answer your question, or direct you to somebody who can!


A bureaucrat is a user who manages user rights; they are able to promote and demote other users to/from rollback, content moderator, and administrator capabilities, and are able to promote but not demote other bureaucrats. They also have blocking privileges (block, unblock, change block settings). On this wiki, all bureaucrats are also administrators.


Administrators, or admins, are users who have special privileges to the wiki (such as the Admin Dashboard capabilities), mostly security and maintenance, such as blocking disruptive users. Administrators also have content moderator and discussion moderator privileges.

Content Moderators

Content moderators are users with the ability to edit and delete pages and files, move pages, and protect and unprotect pages and files, and edit fully protected pages, along with a few other capabilities related to posting. Content moderators also have rollback privileges.

Discussion Moderators

Discussion moderators have the ability to delete, lock, and and edit messages, articile comments, blog comments, and discussions post, along with a few smaller abilities used to moderate the discussions and other posting features.