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Agender flag by Salem, aka tumblr user transrants.[1]

Genderless flag (alternate agender flag) with five stripes by Mars.[2]

Agender is a term which can be literally translated as without gender. It can be seen either as a non-binary gender identity or as a statement of not having a gender identity. People who identify as agender may describe themselves as one or more of the following:

  • Genderless or lacking gender.
  • Gender neutral. This may be meant in the sense of being neither man or woman yet still having a gender.
  • Neutrois or neutrally gendered.
  • Libragender, feeling mostly agender but with a partial connection to another gender.
  • Having an unknown or undefinable gender; not aligning with any binary or non-binary gender.
  • Having no other words that fit their gender identity.
  • Not knowing or not caring about gender, as an internal identity and/or as an external label.
  • Deciding not to label their gender.
  • Identifying more as a person than any gender at all.

Many agender people also identify as genderqueer, non-binary and/or transgender. However, some agender people prefer to avoid these terms, especially transgender, as they feel this implies identifying as a gender other than their assigned gender, while they in fact do not identify as any gender at all. In fact, the term agender is considered an oxymoron among many. Since it is a lack of gender, some feel that it should not be labeled as a gender at all. Others see the label agender as a declaration that they are whole without a gender.

Turquoise for agender liberation work. Green for agender friendship love and community. Yellow for agender joy and celebration. Red-orange for agender diversity and individual expression.

Four-stripe version of the genderless (agender) flag by Mars (2021).

Agender people can have any preference for pronouns, although some prefer to avoid using gendered language about themselves as much as possible. They can also present in any way - masculine, feminine, both or something completely beyond the binary. Agender people can (but don't have to) experience gender dysphoria if they are unable to express their identity in a way they are comfortable with.

Agender people may seek many of the same hormone therapies or surgeries available to transgender and nonbinary people.

Agender people can be of any sexuality and should not be confused with being asexual.

The seven-stripe agender flag was created by Salem, aka Tumblr user transrants, in 2014.

The four and five-stripe Genderless flags (agender flag variants) were made in 2021 by Mars to offer all agender people an additional palette[1]. The genderless flags colors' meanings are as follows (red and orange are merged in four-stripe version):

  • Turquoise (leaves - working for agender liberation)
  • Lime (limes - agender love, community, and friendship)
  • Yellow (lemons - agender joy and celebration)
  • Orange (agender art and creativity)
  • Red (agender diversity and individual expression)

Notable Agender people

  • Bogi Takács is a Hungarian poet, writer, psycholinguist, editor, and translator. E is currently married to R.B. Lemberg. Takács refers themself with e/em/eir/emself and Singular they pronouns.


Agender flag by Salem, aka Tumblr user transrants.

Alternate agender flag (2)[3]

Alternate agender flag. (3)[4]

Alternate agender flag (4)[5]

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