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Agenderflux (similar to agender, libragender, and genderflux), is a subset of genderflux where an individual may identify as if they feel no particular connection with any gender/identity, or agender, as well as fluctuating between having masculine and feminine gender identity.

This means that an individual has a “base gender” of agender, but can also fluctuate to and from masculine and feminine genders.

Masculine and feminine gender identities may include:

Flags associated with Agenderflux are the Genderflux flag and the Agender flag.

The Agenderflux flag was created by Tumblr user divineshaymin, and the term was officially coined by Tumblr user vulturedragonbones.

These flags and definitions are cited here and here, by admins on the blog "Pride Flags for Us".

The Agenderflux symbol was created by Tumblr user person3triple0, and is a combination of the Demigirl and Demiboy symbols.


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