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Antigender is a gender identity with multiple definitions:[3]

  1. One's gender can only be defined as the opposite of an existing gender (a eugender; but which is opposite of Antigender). For instance, antigirl would be the opposite of a girl, but not necessarily a boy. Antigenders may also be used by individuals who cannot narrow down their gender, but know they are definitely not a certain gender, similarly to nongender.
  2. One's gender is not concrete, but rather describes an experience that encompasses confrontational or averse feelings towards the concept of gender, for any reason(s). It encompasses many experiences; the only constant is that they all exist in contradiction to the social construct of "gender". It may include experiences such as feeling detached from gender as a construct, and embracing dehumanization as a positive, though it is not exclusive to nonhumans. Certain neurodivergent experiences with gender are antigender, though it is not a neurogender.


For a comprehensive list of antigender subsets, please see Category:Antigender.



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