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Bigenderflux flag by Pride-Flags on DeviantArt.] another article

The more recognised flag

Bigenderflux describes a gender that is both bigender and fluctuating in intensity. This can occur in multiple ways, such as:

  • Both genders could increase and decrease in intensity at the same time.
  • As one gender becomes more intense the other gender becomes less intense.
  • The two genders fluctuate at random- unrelated to each other.
  • They could be fluid between two genders and also have those genders fluctuate in intensity (fluidflux).


Alternative flag

The original design was made by pride-flags on Deviantart. A simpler, alternate version was made by VoxelDraqon in October 2020. The colors in the alternate design represent, in order: one gender, a partial/demi version of that gender, agender, a partial/demi version of a second gender, and that second gender. The other alternative is a remix of the non-fluctuative flag.