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This page lists good websites to by binders from, and how to safely bind. As well as various alternatives to binding.

Trusted websites to buy binders[]

Below are some trusted and safe websites to purchase binders from.[1][2]

How to safely bind[]

While binding can be an excellent source of gender-euphoria, for health reasons, it must always be practiced cautiously. Below are some tips for how to use your binder safely.[3][4]

  • Always bind for eight hours or less per day.
  • Always take off your binder before you sleep.
  • Always take off your binder before you shower or bathe.
  • To stay safe, always take off the binder if it is causing you pain.
  • Never use duct tape, ace bandages, or anything similar to bind.
  • Do not wear a binder that is too small for you.
  • Do not wear a binder while you work out if possible.

Other methods of binding[]

Notice: Please use these at your own risk. Normal binding rules apply.

Sports Bra Method-[]

To use the sports bra method put one one forward and the other backwards.

The Camisole Method-[]

The camisole method may not work if your chest is larger than a B-cup. To do it, you put on a camisole with a built in bra backwards. Shorten the strap and put the elastic across the largest part of your chest. Fold the bottom up twice and make sure the back and front are even. You can even add on a second one for added flatness.

Taking on and off binders[]


  1. Put arms through both armholes and pull it so the fabric is around shoulders and in front of face.
  2. Pull over face until its around shoulders
  3. Using hands pull down binder until covers your chest.
  4. Adjust it comfort


  1. Put your arm through the arm hole and down your chest.
  2. Pull the left shoulder with right hand until you can free your arm.
  3. Just pull it the rest of the way off. Should be easy now. [5]

Trusted websites to buy tape for binding[]

Notice: Just because you can tape with certain things that are designed and safe for binding **does not** mean it is ever safe to use duck tape or ace bandages to bind.

Rules for trans tape[]

  • It can be worn for 3-5 days straight depending on activity level
  • You can swim and shower in it
  • To remove it you **must** use oil as the adhesive is so strong. Any skin safe oil will work (vegetable oil, olive oil, coconut oil)
  • Be sure to use a test strip on your skin to ensure you’re not allergic to the adhesive they use.
  • You can sleep in it

How to apply trans tape[]

A more in detail guide can be found here

  1. Start with a clear and clean body and breast skin. This means no oils and or lotions on the skin. Another thing if you have time that would help insure this even more is to take a shower. If your able to follow this part ensure the soap you use won't leave residue behind.
  2. You'll need something to cover your nipples with. Trans tape sells nipple guards that are fairly cheap that could be of help for this. Though some people also use toilet paper and gauze for this. If you chose to go this route how it works is you just make a square thats large enough to cover your nipples.
  3. Keep **both** edges of trans tape slack when applying it
  4. Both ends of it should have 5mm of skin contact.