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HelenDaMelon HelenDaMelon 3 days ago

Related Pronouns: Lunalagender



  • lunala/lunalas
  • luna/la
  • nebula/nebulas
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TechnCheese TechnCheese 10 days ago

Coining Mcgender

Mcgender is a foodgender in which one's gender is related to McDonald's food.

Flag, which is based on McDonald's flagship colors:

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TechnCheese TechnCheese 11 days ago

Coining Homiegender

Homiegender is a idingender in which one's gender changes depending on whether or not they are with friends, which friends they are with, etc.


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TechnCheese TechnCheese 11 days ago

Coining Bluebordergender

Bluebordergender is a xenogender in which one's gender is related to the blue border seen in Scott The Woz episodes.

Flag, which is based on the thumbnail for the Borderline Forever episode of Scott The Woz:

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TechnCheese TechnCheese 11 days ago

Coining Bluealbumic

This is my first coin, apologies if I did something wrong.

Bluealbumic is a musicagender in which one's gender is related to the album Weezer (Blue Album) by Weezer.

Here is the flag, which is based on a couple of the other musicagender flags:

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WriterThatArts WriterThatArts 13 days ago

Genders Coined on the 4th

hiiii i keep thinking of genders to coin so here's a blog post

Moonfadegender-A gender that fades in and out of being related or connected to the moon

Moonchaotic-A gender connected to the moon and is chaotic, unable to be grasped

Lunarluneboy-a gender identity in which one's gender is male or miaspec and has a feminine aura, tone, vibe, essence, aesthetic, atmosphere, or air, and is connected to the moon, zodiacs, or the lunar calendar.

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F.T.Foxy1219 F.T.Foxy1219 16 days ago

Queenbeelzebubgender Coining

Queenbeelzebubgender is a gender in which one's gender is connected to the Helluva Boss interpretation of the character Beelzebub from Christian mythology. Queenbeelzebubgender is a Fictigender.

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F.T.Foxy1219 F.T.Foxy1219 16 days ago

Shoksheepgender Coining

Shoksheepgender is a gender in which one's gender is connected to the fictional pokemon Mareep, Flaaffy, Ampharos, and/or Mega Ampharos. Shoksheepgender is an umbrella term for Mareepgender, Flaafygender, Ampharosgender, and Megaampharosgender. Shoksheepgender is a pokegender.

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F.T.Foxy1219 F.T.Foxy1219 16 days ago

Megaampharosgender Coining

Megaampharosgender is a gender in which one's gender is connected to the fictional pokemon Mega Ampharos. Those with an megaampharosgender identity may be fluid between megaampharosgender and ampharosgender, due to the tendency of mega evolutions to reverse when not in battle. Megaampharosgender is a shoksheepgender and a pokegender.

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F.T.Foxy1219 F.T.Foxy1219 16 days ago

Ampharosgender Coining

Ampharosgender is a gender in which one's gender is connected to the fictional pokemon of Ampharos and/or Mega Ampharos. Those with an ampharosgender identity may be fluid between megaampharosgender and ampharosgender, due to the tendency of mega evolutions to reverse when not in battle. Ampharosgender is a Shoksheepgender

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F.T.Foxy1219 F.T.Foxy1219 16 days ago

Flaaffygender Coining

Flaafygender is a gender in which one's gender is connected to the fictional pokemon of Flaaffy. Flaafygender is a Shoksheepgender.

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F.T.Foxy1219 F.T.Foxy1219 16 days ago

Mareepgender Coining

Mareepgender is a gender in which one's gender is connected to the fictional pokemon of Mareep. Mareepgender falls under Shoksheepgender.

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Scaleng Scaleng 18 days ago


Vastgender is a xenogender where you feel that you’re walking endlessly in a vast abyss or void, where nothing lies there, and you feel that your gender is absolutely nothing.

Vastgender falls under the esmogender, xenogender and kenochoric umbrellas.

This gender is now renamed to “vastvoidic”.

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Onyx games Onyx games 22 days ago

Hi! Back again

Good morning/evening/afternoon! It's Ghost, I have a question.

I've been having a lot of trouble with my gender, so I wanted to come here to ask something.

Is there a form of genderfluidity that encompasses most commonly being gender neutral or agender, but is sometimes masculine, and VERY VERY rarely feminine? If so, please let me know.

One good thing is that I'm Aromantic Asexual, so my sexuality wouldn't affect the genders I could use. Thank you so much

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Literate-Sandpiper Literate-Sandpiper 22 days ago

Aural Gender

Aural Gender is an umbrella term to refer to any gender that has distinct alignment (fiaspec, miaspec, etc) but also has a different aura, vibe, aesthetic, or essence.

Genders under this umbrella can include:

  • Luneboy
  • Luneby
  • Solgirl
  • Solby
  • Stellegirl
  • Stelleboy
  • Solstellegirl
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Colossal Vessels Colossal Vessels 17 June

The PokéCafé RéMix Gender System

  • 1 Flags
  • 2 Offerian
    • 2.1 -Lix
    • 2.2 -Entréeluxe
    • 2.3 -Treatique
    • 2.4 -Culinarya
    • 2.5 -Platlet

Each flag is organized by category with the main ones being Offerings, Items, Pokémon and Miscellaneous

Subsets of -lix include:

  • Eevealattélix
  • Lillifloralix
  • Bunutellaĺix

Subsets of Entréeluxe include:

Subsets of -Treatique include:

Subsets of -Culinarya include:

Subsets of Platlet include:

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a gender where your gender is 'in debt' yet somehow was able to escape transphobia (a metaphor for the Eastern Bloc)

can also be known as 'Argentinagender' or 'Inflategender'

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Literate-Sandpiper Literate-Sandpiper 14 June

"Why do you want to restrict yourself with labels?"

Because it's nice to know that you're just different, not broken.


Imagine spending your whole life with a secret, yet you don't even know what it was. You make up your own phrase to describe it ("having a boy brain and a girl heart"), but nobody understands what you mean. Some even become scared of you. You are ashamed, until you realize there are others who feel the same way.

Because it's nice to know that you're just different, not broken.


Imagine being teased, ridiculed, having your sense of self destroyed simply because certain people don't like who you are. You are unable to understand the secret social code that the entire rest of the world seemed to speak. Everything is too much for you. You are ashamed, unti…

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LordLwas LordLwas 13 June

Related Pronouns: Ratpupgender

  • 🐀/🐀s
  • 🧀/🧀s
  • rat/rats
  • sque/squeak/squeaks
  • squeak/squeaks
  • nib/nibble/nibbles
  • nibble/nibbles
  • ro/rodents
  • rodent/rodents
  • grime/grimes
  • hyper/hypers
  • mis/mischief/mischiefs
  • mischief/mischiefs
  • so/softs
  • chee/cheese/cheeses
  • cheese/cheeses
  • sew/sewer/sewers
  • sewer/sewers

  • 🐶/🐶s
  • 🐕/🐕s
  • 🦮/🦮s
  • 🐩/🐩s
  • 🐺/🐺s
  • 🦴/🦴s
  • 🐾/🐾s
  • [dogbreed]/[dogbreed]s
  • pup/pups
  • puppy/puppys
  • pupper/puppers
  • dog/dogs
  • can/canis
  • cae/canine/canines
  • canine/canines
  • hound/hounds
  • mutt/mutts
  • fluff/fluffs
  • fluffy/fluffys
  • fur/furs
  • paw/paws
  • wag/wags
  • roll/rolls
  • en/energy/energys
  • drool/drools
  • slob/slober
  • bark/barks
  • bork/borks
  • boof/boofs
  • howl/howls
  • ri/rir/rirs
  • ri/ruff/ruffs
  • ruff/ruffs
  • woof/woofs
  • arf/arfs
  • yap/yaps
  • yip/yips
  • grr/grrs
  • growl/growls
  • bite/bites
  • snarl/snarls
  • lo/loyal
  • loyal/loyals
  • pet/pets
  • treat/treats
  • bone/bones
  • play/plays
  • pro/protect
  • guard/guards
  • muz/muzzle/muzzles
  • muzzl…

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Colossal Vessels Colossal Vessels 11 June

❝Nothing Real Anymore.❞ Gender System Project

Content Warning This Blog talks about Traumacore, Trauma, Weirdcore, Dreamcore, Kidcore and Liminal Spaces all descriptions and gender coining will be non graphic and non triggering.

  • 1 Editors Notes to Keep on Track + Coining Rules
  • 2 The Starlight Gender System
  • 3 Terminology
  • 4 Faerioneiros
    • 4.1 Faerieoneiros Subsets:
      • 4.1.1 Ribbonheart [Sylveon]
    • 4.2 Dreamswirl [ Vanilla Cream Alcremie]
      • 4.2.1 [Caramel Swirl Alcremie]
      • 4.2.2 [Ruby Cream Alcremie]
      • 4.2.3 [Ruby Swirl Alcremie]
      • 4.2.4 [Matcha Cream Alcremie]
      • 4.2.5 [Lemon Cream Alcremie]
      • 4.2.6 [Salted Cream Alcremie]
      • 4.2.7 Mint Cream Alcremie]
      • 4.2.8 Prismpuff
  • 5 Pyroamore (Fire-types)
  • 6 Glacialmoria (Ice-types)
  • 7 Astrōspectrāl (Ghost-types)
  • 8 Related Pronouns

  • Pokémon who don't evolve with have a one shot detailed and long description w…

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Onyx games Onyx games 6 June

I'm Copying This Here because I think it'll help it get out there to more people :p

(copied blog post from my account from the LGBTQIA+ Wiki)

Hello! Uhh, so I have a question- is there an identity that is defined similarly to this?

Basically, I love reading romance, and romance that is done well is great, But when I think of myself being in a romantic relationship; kissing, holding hands, it makes me uncomfortable. I don't want romance in my life, nor do I want sex. (I know I'm either Asexual or Apothisexual). I like some romance, in fiction at least- but when it's in real life, it's tiring and repetitive.

is there something like this?

Any help is greatly appreciated, email isn't verified yet so I can't reply. just know it'll be something like "Thank you so much omg".

Thanks again!

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Nyahil Nyahil 5 June

bloodelevatoric (coining!)

cw: mentions of blood

Bloodelevatoric is a xenogender identity that can be described as feeling explosive, surreal, and nightmarish, or a dubiously real yet threatening and ominous gender. Bloodelevator- can also be used as a prefix for other genders that feel like they have these qualities, such as bloodelevatorboy or bloodelevatorgirl. The name and flag of the gender are based on the elevator scene in The Shining, but it is not part of the gender's definition.

This gender is exclusive to alterhumans who identify with or as buildings.

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Nyahil Nyahil 5 June

small introductory post.

hey all!

i have a gender i intend to coin, but decided that i would put the blog post for that up later. i'd hate to just barge into this wiki and assert myself without at least putting a little effort into making myself known so that i don't seem like an utter troll.

i'm nihil, he/him or It/Its (capitalized) please. i refer to myself as nonbinary for simplicity's sake and feel fairly comfortable in just saying that i'm nonbinary, but enjoy collecting xenogender labels as i find they're better able to describe my personal experiences with my identity. the label i coined to describe myself is personal to me and i won't be sharing it on this wiki, but some that are adjacent are Abandoe and Anomalyic. the ones i intend to coin are also adjacent…

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HelenDaMelon HelenDaMelon 1 June

Related Pronouns: Nascigender

Nascigender page


  • Mist/mists
  • Bre/breez
  • Fre/fresh
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Onyx games Onyx games 30 May

Questioning more and a quick message

Hi! I'm so sorry I can't seem to comment or reply to comments. However, I can make posts replying :>

Thank you to the person who commented on my last post, I really appreciate it.

Anyways, now I'm gonna talk about my gender (what it feels like). If you know anything that has a definition similar to this, please let me know. All the help is greatly appreciated.

My gender seems to be undefinable, I can't seem to settle on a term. One day I'm one thing, and the next I'm something else. I seem to always be neutral, or if I feel something other than that, It's kind of "covered up" by the neutral feeling. I'd describe it as the slight changing feeling and the inability to settle. I'm Aro-Ace, so it wouldn't affect my gender in any way. (to be speci…

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Princessbert1 Princessbert1 29 May

Teaching my brother on lgbt, what should i help him learn about in this wiki?

plz help i need to teach my brother

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AnxiousChaos AnxiousChaos 28 May

Some /better/ CIN flags

I hate the ones I made before and I can't get over it, so here are some better ones based off of the genderhoarder flag by funCatty!

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Onyx games Onyx games 26 May

Gender confusion and general questions

Hi! Uhh I have a few questions

  1. How do you get those flags by your name? (ex. Today I saw someone with a genderfaunet symbol by their name, that's what I'm curious about)
  2. Is it a sign of genderfluidity if I can't seem to pin down my gender, or my gender identity changes so often that it's inconveniencing my friends and I?)
  3. How do you make a pride flag? I want to start coining terms, but I don't know where to start.

have a wonderful rest of your day and remember YOU ARE VALID!

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Eggyee Eggyee 23 May



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NectarSystem NectarSystem 21 May

My random info for art lol

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Hiddn.haydn Hiddn.haydn 13 May

Neopronouns in Other Languages

I think it's pretty cool that we're seeing gender inclusivity in pretty much every major gendered language, so I wanted to share some of what I've seen.

  • French: il (masculine), elle (feminine), iel (neutral).
  • Galician: elu (neutral).
  • Italian: loro (neutral and plural)
  • Norwegian: hen (neutral).
  • Portuguese: ele/dele (masculine), ela/dela (feminine), elu/delu (neutral), ilu/dilu (neutral).
  • Spanish: él/el/-o (masculine), ella/la/-a (feminine), elle/le/-e (neutral), ele/le/-e (neutral).
  • Swedish: han (masculine), hon (feminine), hen (neutral).

I'll probably add more later when I see, please feel free to edit and add more if you want.

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New Neopronouns!

I was bored so I decided to make some new neopronouns!

Shey/shem/sheirs/shemself it’s a mix of she/her and they/them

Hey/Hem/heirs/hemself a mix of he/him and they/them

Dey/Dem/Deirs/Demself it’s like they/them but Dey/dem not sure if someone made this one already but if so sorry

Rei/Reim/Reirs/Reimself idk just thought it up


Feel free to use these if you like them!

And if you made some of these already I’m very sorry!

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AnxiousChaos AnxiousChaos 4 May

Opprimogender flag

The gray stripes are the same shades of gray as in the defluxitgender flag, but switched, and they represent the gender feeling grayed-out. The rainbow squares in the middle represent the overwhelm.

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AnxiousChaos AnxiousChaos 3 May

CIN flags

I couldn't find any flags for CIN so I made some myself! If anyone finds any flags that were created before mine, these can all become alternates :)

(and me being the perfectionist that i am, i'm not satisfied with how any of them look ofc)

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AnxiousChaos AnxiousChaos 2 May

Distantglowgender alternate flags

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EliAftonLookin EliAftonLookin 30 April

suggested pronouns: Teddybearchild









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HelenDaMelon HelenDaMelon 30 April

Related Pronouns: Cosmicdocgender

Cosmicdocgender Page


  • medi/medic
  • cos/mic
  • space/spaces
  • 💉/💉s
  • 🪐/🪐s
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HelenDaMelon HelenDaMelon 29 April

About Cicadagender

All I could find on it was a Pinterest post. I created the page with what I found there, but since we archive links as much as possible and the definition didn't show up on the archived Pinterest post, I took a screenshot of what the definition showed up as before I clicked the link. This is the Google Search result; clicking that link led to the Pinterest post.

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HelenDaMelon HelenDaMelon 25 April

Related Pronouns: Spidergender (& Subsets)

This page lists related pronouns for spidergender, spiderboy, spidergirl, and spiderneutral.


  • spi/spid/spiders/spiders/spiderself
  • 🕷/🕷/🕷s/🕷s/🕷self
  • web/web/webs/webs/webself
  • 🕸/🕸/🕸s/🕸s/🕸self
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HelenDaMelon HelenDaMelon 24 April

Related Pronouns: Beegender

This page lists related pronouns for beegender.

Beegender Page


  • bee/bee/bees/beeself
  • buzz/buzz/buzzs/buzzself
  • wing/wing/wings/wingself
  • stin/sting/stings/stingself
  • stripe/stripe/stripes/stripeself
  • hon/honey/hons/honself
  • honey/honey/honeys/honeyself
  • fuzz/fuzz/fuzzs/fuzzself
  • nect/nectar/nectars/nectarself
  • pollen/pollen/pollens/pollenself
  • poll/poll/polls/pollself
  • flor/flor/flors/florself
  • flower/flower/flowers/flowerself
  • wizz/wizz/wizzs/wizzself
  • hive/hive/hives/hivesself
  • hum/hum/hums/humself
  • comb/comb/combs/combself
  • hex/hex/hexs/hexself
  • 🐝/🐝self
  • 🌺/🌺self
  • 🍯/🍯self
  • 🌱/🌱self
  • 💛/💛self

Reference 2

  • Bee/Beeself/Bees
  • Buzz/Buzzself/Buzzs
  • Honey/Honeyself/Honeys
  • Bug/Bugself/Bugs
  • Yellow/Yellowself/Yellows
  • Comb/Combself/Combs
  • Hive/Hiveself/Hives
  • Ins/Insect/Insects

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Lapis-Blooming Lapis-Blooming 23 April

I’m gonna post this eventually

So, about the new rules. Ik, ik, “they’re for you’re own safety!” But let me just say. If you feel these are doing more good than harm, please explain. How is is ‘safety’ to be isolated? How is it ‘safety’ to have nowhere to talk about things like suicide and abuse? How is this meant to protect, because no offense but… preventing users from talking about these very serious issues doesn’t seem very compassionate. Why isn’t a TW sufficient? It can be very hurtful to be shut down like that. (Yes, I’m still sore about this, it’s hurting people) And if moderators in the future can’t handle it, maybe they just need to find some better moderators.

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Hiddn.haydn Hiddn.haydn 18 April


These pages haven't been given resources and proper sources since their inception, many staying like that for years. I think they should be deleted since they are a disservice to the community, are likely misinformation and have been suggested for deletion for a while now:

  • Genderwitch
  • Casspronoun
  • Demimultifem
  • Totikhaspawnfluid

Feel free to add more to the list if you can.

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CheesyGlitch CheesyGlitch 17 April

I found my gender!

I am fractalgender! YIPPPPEEEEEEEEEEE

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TheOnlySmartOneHere TheOnlySmartOneHere 15 April

Giving Cadensboy and Cadensgirl a Definition

While I was trying to edit the cadensboy page - searching for a flag, ect - I realised something: both cadensboy and cadensgirl don't /actually/ have definitions. They are essentially definition-less terms - genders that don't have formal descriptions.

I believe the terms came into use as an example of how you could use cadens- from cadensgender as a prefix for other genders, but the terms themselves were never properly coined and given a definition. So, for the sake of being able to complete the pages, I decided to give them ones.



A mutogender and cadensgender identity where one's gender is influenced by music and makes their gender more male and/or masculine. For example, one may feel when they …

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EliAftonLookin EliAftonLookin 10 April

suggested pronouns: Flippagender











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EliAftonLookin EliAftonLookin 7 April

suggested pronouns: Ph1lzagender















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Qillo Qillo 1 April

My Lgbtq+ Story

Tw// Gender dysphoria, Mental health, Homophobia, Slight vent?

  • 1 Overview
  • 2 Early Childhood (~0-7)
  • 3 Late Elementary (8-10)
  • 4 Early Middle School (11-12)
  • 5 Late Middle School (13-14)

this is about my Lgbtq+ story. from birth to now. I will probably make one on my therianthropy and system journey too!

I don't remember much from this time period, but a few things stuck out to me. the first thing is my lesbian neighbors. They were married, and had two children who babysat us. I didn't care, I was chill. Another gay couple a grew up around was my dad's old boss and friend, they had one kid too. Also, I had a not super close friend but a friend nonetheless who had two dad's. I think these things influenced me to be comfortable with Lgbtq identities and rel…

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Rainstorm4ever Rainstorm4ever 26 March

Owl house

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Colossal Vessels Colossal Vessels 3 June

The Conceptual idea of Humanity vs Alterhumanity & Alterhumanity vs Gender Identity: A Guide

  • 1 Disclaimer & Content Warnings
  • 2 What is Alterhumanity?
  • 3 Terminology
    • 3.1 Theriotype
    • 3.2 Kintype
    • 3.3 Gear
    • 3.4 Quadrobics
      • 3.4.1 Benefits
      • 3.4.2 RIsks
      • 3.4.3 Useful Equipment (not required):
    • 3.5 Shifts
      • 3.5.1 Phantom/Astral Shifts, Phantom/Astral Limbs
      • 3.5.2 Astral Shift
      • 3.5.3 Dream Shift
      • 3.5.4 Aura Shifts
    • 3.6 Emotional Shift
  • 4 Umbrella Labels
    • 4.1 otherkin
    • 4.2 Therian
    • 4.3 Copinglik
  • 5 Common questions + Answers
  • 6 Identity and The Conceptual idea of ´Human´
  • 7 The "Grey Area"
  • 8 Resources
  • 9 Important Notes

If you do not wish to read such things skip "Important Notes" all these mentions will be brief while basic as possible. However there will be information on how religious beliefs/religion can tie to one's Alterhumanity be it "blunt".

  • Content Warning: This post mentions toxic religious views, toxici…

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Majick Mischiefs Majick Mischiefs 3 March

Informative Post


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