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Boyflux flag by kitsuneshay-blogs.

Boyflux (also known as Manflux or Guyflux) is a subset of genderflux that is mostly a binary guy but experiences fluctuating intensities of that gender.

An example of a boyflux person's experience of gender may be a boy 50% of the time, agender 25% percent of the time, and a mix of the two in-between or around those. The intensity can fluctuate over any period of time.

Some subsets of boyflux are: rosboyflux, hemiboyflux, demiboyflux, androflux, and bxyflux.


Boyflux was coined on August 19th, 2015, by kitsuneshay-blogs on Tumblr.[1] The flag and symbol were created that same day. Also in 2015ish, pride-flags-for-us made an alternative boyflux flag.[2]

On August 18th, 2016, Kyrin-Lee made an alternative flag for boyflux.[3]

On February 8th, 2017, Pride-Flags and nbandproud created an alternative boyflux flag.[4]

On July 13th, 2019, techsflags made a soft boyflux flag.[5] Through 2019 in general, whimsy-flags made various themed boyflux flag (such as: angel boyflux flag, demon boyflux flag, vaporwave boyflux flag, Halloween boyflux flag, clown boyflux flag, orange vanilla boyflux flag, yamikawaii boyflux flag, magical boyflux flag, horror boyflux flag, and sparkly boyflux flag).

On the 27th of November 2020, RoseWatera made an alternative flag for this gender.[6] Also throughout 2020, whimsy-flags made multiple boyflux flag edits (such as: screecore boyflux flag, enemies-to-lovers boyflux flag, inverted boyflux flag, peacock boyflux flag, canvas boyflux flag, grunge boyflux flag, floral boyflux flag, alternative floral boyflux flag, and vintage boyflux flag). Techsflags also made boyflux flags (like: metallic boyflux flag and lovecore boyflux flag).

Two alternative boyflux flags were made by sanityflux on January 23rd, 2021.[7][8] Then on the 24th, he made another alternative flag.[9] On February 14th, pupyzu made a valentines version of the boyflux flag.[10] Then on the 21st, whimsy-flags made a gaming themed boyflux flag.[11] An alternate flag was created by RezRobin on March 19th.[12] That same day, IMakeFlags made an alternative boyflux flag.[13] On August 19th, moztimbs made an alternative boyflux flag.[14] Then on the 28th, pupyzu made two alternative boyflux flags.[15]

On September 7th, wizard-bella made a Halloween boyflux flag.[16]

Throughout 2021, techsflags made multiple flags for boyflux themed after different "to lovers" tropes (such as: enemies-to-lovers, friends-to-lovers, enemies-to-friends-to-lovers, rivals-to-lovers, and friends-to-enemies-to-lovers).

At some point, Reign of the breadsticcs made their own alternative flag for boyflux.[17]

On May 24th, 2022, Weepingwil designed an alternative flag.[18]


Boyflux symbol by kitsuneshay-blog.[1]

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