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Cis-genderless, Cisgenderless, or Cis By Default is the act of defaulting to one's assigned gender due to a lack of gendered feeling and possibly a lack of understanding of gender. It is similar in experience to agender, but if asked, a cis-genderless person will give their assigned gender/sex.

For example, an AMAB cis-genderless person will identify themselves as male because they are biologically male physical and are generally perceived as male, but for no other reasons. For such people, they may not understand the idea of having a "gender identity" that exists apart from physical sex or social gender roles. They do not have any strong attachment to the idea of "manhood". If they were to wake up one day as the opposite sex then they'd likely just start identifying as female.

They have little to no dysphoria regarding their assigned sex. Because of this, cis-genderless individuas may also be defined as someone who is genderless, but uses cis in regards to their sex identity (cissex), rather than as gender identity.

Cis-genderless people generally do not inherently identity as LGBT+ on the basis of their gender. Rather the term is used to define the gender experience (or rather lack of gender experience) that some cisgender people may have. It might also be used to describe an agender person's experience of identifying as cis before discovering non-binary genders.

History & Flag

The Cis-genderless Flag.webp

Cis-genderless was first described by AVEN user R_1 on April 21, 2013, distinguishing it from cis people who have a strong gender identity which matches their physical sex. The cis-genderless flag was created by AVEN user ixi on August 27, 2015. The white stripe represents genderlessness, the pink stripe represents cis women, blue represents cis men, and purple represents cis intersex people.


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