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Cisgender Flag by FlagsforCisHets

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Commonly-Used Cisgender Flag

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Alternate Cisgender Flag

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Second Alternate Cisgender Flag

Cisgender (often shortened to cis) is a term that refers to anyone whose gender identity aligns with their sex assigned at birth. This term applies to those who fully or more closely identify as their assigned sex while simultaneously rejecting the term transgender. The term cisgender is the opposite of the word transgender.[1]

Cisgender may sometimes be referred to as cissexual (opposite of transsexual, not to be confused with a sexual orientation).


The cisgender flag was designed by FlagsforCisHets on an unknown date.

It is unknown who created the commonly-used and alternate cisgender flags

The second alternate cisgender flag was designed by Fandom user M0TH3rY on April 26, 2023.[2]


Cis is not a slur. "Cis" comes from the Latin prefix meaning "on the same side", as in the cis-trans distinction in chemistry. The origin of the term in reference to gender is credited to Carl Buijs who proposed the term in 1995[3], and although the word had been used on the internet before 1995, Carl Buijs is the first recorded source to define the term. It's possible that the term was independently coined elsewhere.

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