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Cogender can mean:

  • Cogender (Gender Inclusion):Inclusion of people of different genders in a community, as opposed to a men-only or women-only community. This is the most common way this word is used. When used in print, it's usually in reference to a co-gender school (also called co-education),[1] or to a co-gender LGBT activist group (as opposed to a lesbian-only activist group).[2][3]
  • Cogender (Anthropology): an uncommonly-used term that is not clearly defined. They may be using it as a synonym for third gender, or they may be using it in the above sense, or both.
  • Cogender (Gender identity): a type of multigender identity.


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  2. For example, "Lesbians ... joined the new direct-action groups ... despite their overwhelmingly male membership. One of the bases for the new cogender identity was the commonality of concerns between lesbians and gay men and the power of cogender organizing. New theorizing about the movement began to assume the participation of both lesbians and gay men, and agendas no longer focused on the specific needs and concerns of lesbians alone." Moira Kenney, ''Mapping Gay L.A.: The Intersection of Place and Politics.'' Page 140. []
  3. For example, "[Latino Gay Men of New York] was organized by Latino men who believed that cogender Latino queer organizations could not be sustained because of the differences between queer men and women." Andrés Torres and José Emiliano Velázquez. ''The Puerto Rican Movement: Voices from the Diaspora.'' Philadelphia: Temple University Press, 1998. Page 307.