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The cuavgender flag.

Cuavgender is a xenogender in which your gender identity feels fake or wrong, leading to a disconnection from oneself due to another part of one's identity. This could be from trauma, kintype, neurodivergence, etc. This could be used as a Neurogender, but is not exclusive to neurodivergent people.


Cuavgender was coined by Fandom user Stitchy0, aka Alaster, on November 6th, 2020.[1]


Pink and blue symbolize male and female, purple, green, and yellow symbolize non-binary genders. Light and dark colors represent the fluidity of gender. Gray signifies a feeling of uncertainty. Dots symbolize disconnection. The flag was created by Fandom user Double-bi on November 6th, 2020.[1]


Cuavgender likely emerged from the Hmong word for "false", meaning that the term literally translates to "false gender" due to the feeling of falsehood one who is cuavgender experiences.