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Demiandrogyne flag

A demiandrogyne (or demi-androgynous person) is a gender identity describing someone who partially or slightly relates to being androgyne. Usually, but not always, people who identify as demiandrogyne feel that their identity is a blending of male and female, along with another third gender cannot be explained. ], non-binarytransgender, and/or others.

Demiandrogyne people may not always comply to presenting as androgynous. Demiandrogynes may also choose to identify as demigender, non-binary, transgender, and/or others.


The demiandrogyne flag is a combination of the androgyne flag and the demigender flag made by DeviantArt user enbygsrd. The 3 center stripes represent the combination of feminine and masculine, while the outer stripes depicts a third gender.