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Demifemme flag by Loving-intellectual[1]

Demifemme (also called demifem) is a superset of demigirl. It describing someone who partially identifies as a woman/girl or whos gender is partly feminine in nature. In addition to feeling that way, demifemmes also feel partly outside the binary. That can include anything under the non-binary umbrella like agender, genderqueer, or xenogenders for example.

Demifemme was created for those who don’t feel comfortable with having a gendered term like female, woman, girl, etc. in their gender label.

Unlike demigirl, demifemme can fall under either the fingender umbrella or the fiaspec umbrella depending in the person. Demifemme can be used by any AFAB, AMAB or AIAB individuals.

Demifemmes may also identify as demigender, non-binary and/or transgender.


The term demifemme was orignially coined by eww_gingers on Reddit sometime around July of 2021. It was created because some of those who related to being a demigirl felt uncomfortable with said term, hence why anew was born.[2]

Not long after, r/IRLDemifemme subreddit was born.[3]

The original demifemme flags were made by eww_gingers but uploaded by Loving-intellectual on Reddit in early of August 2021. The popular demifemme flag was made by Loving-intellectual, also on Reddit, on August 15 2021.[4][1]

Flags + Details

Original (V1) demifemme flag by eww_gingers[4]

Original (V2) demifemme flag by eww_gingers[4]

Demifemme flag by Loving-intellectual[1]