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Demifluid flag by pride-flags-for-us.[1]

Demifluid or demigenderfluid is a form of genderfluidity where one's gender is partly fluid and the other part is a static gender. Usually the static part is non-binary however, it can be binary.


Demifluid's coinage is unknown, it just surfaced one day and that was that. It has been known to at least been around since July 2016.[2]

Demifluid's first flag was made by an unknown user on Tumblr. The main flag was also created said unknown user at the same time.[1][2] Sometime afterwards, peridaut on Tumblr made an alternative flag for demifluid. Around the same time, abtrusetheorist made an alternative flag too. Also pride-color-schemes made an alternative flag.

An alternative demifluid flag was made by an unknown person.[3] On July 28th 2016, pride-color-schemes made another alternative flag for demifluid.[2]

On May 30th 2019, tmblrsexyman made an alternative flag.[4]

Sometime around March 2021 (or earlier), versions of the demifluid flag were made to reflect a static gender. One for girl, boy, androgyne, bigender, xenic, and outhrine. The non-binary version was created by hanasakikai on March 11th 2021.[5] On September 3rd 2021, themogaidragon created the agender version of the demifluid flag.[6]

The demifluid symbol was made on an unknown date with an unknown creator.


Demifluid symbol by unknown.

Flags + Details


1st demifluid flag by unknown.[1]

2nd demifluid flag by unknown.[1]

1st alternative demifluid flag by peridaut.[2]

2nd alternative demifluid flag by abtrusetheorist.[2]

3rd alternative demifluid flag by pride-color-schemes.

4th alternative demifluid flag by unknown.

5th alternative demifluid flag by pride-color-schemes.[2]

6th alternative demifluid flag by tmblrsexyman.[4]


Girl demifluid flag by unknown.

Boy demifluid flag by unknown.

Androgyne demifluid flag by unknown.

Bigender demifluid flag by unknown.

Xenic demifluid flag by unknown.

Outherine demifluid flag by unknown.

Enby demifluid flag by hanasakikai.[5]

Agender demifluid flag by themogaidragon.[6]