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Demigirl flag by transrants.[1]

A demigirl (also called a demiwoman, demifemale or a demilady person) is a gender identity describing someone who partially identifies as a woman or girl, regardless their assigned gender at birth. In addition to feeling partially like a girl or woman, demigirls also feel partly outside the binary. That can include anything under the non-binary umbrella like agender, genderqueer, or xenogenders for example.

The superset of demigirl is demifemme. Originally made as an alternative made for those who do not like using the gendered term girl.

Demigirls may also identify as demigender, non-binary and/or transgender. The original coiner of the phrases demigirl and demiboy is unknown.


The first known mention of demigirl was on December 2010 by a user named bristrek87. They asked on the site AVEN about the term demigirl and was looking for information, but could only find a little bit that was from the Yada Wiki.[2]

In response, the user Am I Human claimed that the people who worked on the wikis for demigenders had been coined there. But no exact dates can be found, and the definition is slightly different to the most common definition used today. The given definition is "...either someone AFAB who feels the barest association with womanhood or an non-binary AMAB person who is transfeminine, and feels a vague association with femininity".

"Demigirl" and "Demiguy" were added to the AVEN Gender Definitions Masterlist on December 12, 2010.[3]

By October 14, 2011, "demigirl" and "demiguy" had been added to the Genderqueer Identities & Terminology page of the popular blog Genderqueerid.[4]

The blog owner, Marilyn Roxie, had collected data for a survey of genderqueer people that year, (September 15 - October 15) and added demigirl and demiboy as options. Seven people selected "demigirl", and nine people selected "demiboy".[5]

This lead to an increase in awareness and by early 2014 the prefix demi- was commonly known in relation to genders. At an some point between October 2011 and 2014 the common definition of demigirl shifted from the previously stated definition to "someone who is partially a girl".

Flags + Details

The white represents the neutrality of the gender. The light pink represents the traditional color used for femininity, which is associated with womanhood. The shades of grey indicate the partial nature of the gender.

Demigirl flag by transrants[1]

An alternate demigirl flag was created by lesbian_ocean in June of 2020.[6] Magenta represents connection to womanhood, love for oneself, and others. Orange represents non-binary womanhood, energy, and encouragement. Yellow represents being outside the binary, hope, and happiness. Purple represents mix of genders, peace, pride, and independence.

Alt demigirl flag by lesbian_ocean[6]

Alt demigirl flag by willow[7]

Alt demigirl flag by unknown[8]

Alt demigirl flag by Rockabilly Punk[9]

Alt demigirl flag by transrants[10]

Alt demigirl flag by anonymous[11]