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Demimasc flag by Noaahhh[1]

Demimasc is a superset of demiboy that describes someone who partially identifies as a man/boy or whos gender is partly masculine in nature. In addition to feeling that way, demimascs also feel partly outside the binary. That can include anything under the non-binary umbrella like agender, genderqueer, or xenogenders for example.

Demimasc was an alternative made for those who do not like using the gendered term boy or feel their gender is partly masculine in nature instead.

Unlike demiboy, demimasc can fall under either the mingender umbrella or the miaspec umbrella depending in the person. Demimasc can be used by any AFAB, AMAB or AIAB individuals.

Demimasc and demimasculine share a similar name but are not the same.


Demimasc's first coinage was on October 2nd 2018 by shewhowalkswiththee on Tumblr along with the flag before fading into obsucurity.[2] With the term floating in the background, it resurfaced again after demifemme's recoinage. Its reintroduction was by wiki user Noaahhh who created a flag for the term (on September 19, 2021).[1]

User Reno27 mentioned the term again on Novemeber 13th 2021.[3] On Novemeber 28th 2021, BitzOfPuzzelPeices made two different demimasc flags to match with eww_gingers's demifemme flags and created the wiki page in the same moment.

Flags + Details

First ever demimasc flag by shewhowalkswiththee.[4]

Demimasc flag by Noaahhh[1]

Alternative demimasc flag by BitzOfPuzzelPeices

Second alternative demimasc flag by BitzOfPuzzelPeices