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Desktopfluid is a xenogender identity for people who change their desktop wallpapers often, sometimes depending on time or mood. This can be occasionally, every month, every week, every day, or every few moments during a day depending on the person. Sometimes it is consistent and sometimes it is not.

Their desktop wallpaper may stay the same for several months or change within minutes. Sometimes they change their wallpaper in response to different circumstances.

This identity would also apply if a person uses an operating system such as GNU/Linux, which they can fully customize to their liking[2], and they change up their desktop customizations often, sometimes depending on time or mood.



Desktopfluid flag

In the desktopfluid flag[1], black represents dark wallpapers, white represents light wallpapers, pink represents weeb/anime themed wallpapers, and the green vertical rectangle represents vertical wallpapers. The color is specifically "Android Green".

The desktopfluid flag was designed by WingDingHQ


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