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Enbyphobia (also called exorsexism) is the irrational fear or prejudice of those who do not conform with the strict binary system of either male or female, rather the gender outside of the gender binary.

Those who display enbyphobia can identify as cisgender or transgender, however, the majority are primarily cisgender. Non-binary and genderqueer people alike can be challenged on the physical and biological experiences of gender neutrality. Although those who accurately identify as Enbyphobic may be supportive of the LGBT community, they are enbyphobic, regardless if they support or understand any number of non-binary genders.

Enbyphobia is similar to transphobia and considered a form or variant of it.

See also

Transphobia, a fear or dislike of people who feel that they are not the same gender as the one they had or were said to have at birth.

Transgender, a term that describes someone who feels that their assigned gender (or sex) at birth is not compatible with the gender (or sex) they wish to identify with.

Non-binary, an umbrella term that describes any gender identity that does not fit into the gender binary system of male and female.


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