Gender Wiki

This page is an FAQ that serves as an answer sheet for common, gender-related questions.

If you see a frequently-asked question that isn't listed on this page, then feel free to add it! Be sure to include both a clear question and a clear and accurate answer. The answer must be objective, and not originate from any personal bias or preference.

Can I identify as _ gender and use _ pronouns?

Yes! The common phrase "pronouns don't equal gender" applies here; you can be any gender, and use any pronoun set you want.

If I use _ pronouns, will that make me _ gender? No! "Pronouns don't equal gender" applies here as well. Your pronouns are not your gender, hence, you aren't a certain gender because you use certain pronouns. (Going by He/Him won't make you transmasculine)

Is there a gender for when you use _, _, _, & _ pronouns? No. Or at least, probably not. Since, once again, pronouns don't equal gender, it is highly unlikely that you will find a gender for your pronouns; they're just your pronouns!

If I express my gender in _ way, can I still be _ gender? Yes! Similar to the pronouns questions, the way you express your gender does not have to reflect, nor dictate, your gender itself. See Gender Expression for more information.

Can I identify as _ gender and _ gender? Yes! Even if a certain gender combination might seem a bit odd, it can be assured to you that your identity is valid, and you are free to use those labels.

If I am _ gender, will that make me [other concept; ex: otherkin]? No. Your gender is just your gender; it will not encompass any other form of expression or identity, may it be related to gender or not.

What is the difference between gender and otherkin? Gender is identifying on the human gender spectrum, while otherkin is identifying as a non-human creature. Despite this, a person can be otherkin and still have gender, and vice versa.

What does non-binary mean? Non-binary means to identify as any gender that is not binary. (most genders are under the non-binary umbrella)

What is the gender binary? The gender binary is male and female.

Isn't gender just a personality? No. Gender has specific traits that offset it from being a personality.

If my gender isn't the same as my AGAB, do I have to be transgender? Nope! You don’t have to use the transgender label if it doesn’t feel comfortable/right. Plus, there are gender modalities besides trans and cis.

What is the difference between sex and gender? Gender is social, and stands as a sense of identity. Biological sex is the body parts/aspects one has, that make them a certain sex. (such as genital's and sex chromosomes). See Differences Between Gender and Sex for more information.