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Username: Guns Før Hands

Number of Edits: 558

How many days/months have you been active? 17 days (semi-active because of school)

What position are you applying for? Administration

Why do you think you should be promoted? I have no experience as an administrator, so being assigned this role will be a critical moment for me. Not only does obtaining this role allow me to aid other people, it teaches me knowledge I may not know prior to being elected this role. I rarely use my rollback ability due to the low presence of vandals. On the occasion I do edit, I update outdated information and revert unneeded information. I occasionally converse with others on forums. When I am elected, I attempt to renovate this site with dated information. I will update our policies and permanently erase harmful comments, posts, or blogs.

Any other information: I believe I meet the requirements listed below.