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This page is about a gender identity that is not widely used among gender-variant people. This does not mean that the identity is not valid, but that very few people are known to use this term. This tag is to remain until there is verification by one of our staff team that said gender is more prevalent.

Foxkin Superqueer is a term with similar meaning to genderqueer. It is used to describe a person who identifies as having multiple different genders, hence the word "superqueer." This person also identifies, both spiritually and physically, as having traits of an animal, hence the word "foxkin."

One who identifies as foxkin superqueer may feel connected to multiple animals, including but not limited to foxes, rabbits, dogs, cats, and dragons. Some foxkin superqueer people use that as their only description of their gender identity, while others also identify as another gender identity such as AgenderPolygender, etc. Foxkin superqueer people may also identify as transgender and/or nonbinary. Some foxkin superquuer people may wish to transition, either medically or by changing their name and/or pronouns to suit their preferred gender expression. Foxkin superqueer people can have any sexual orientation.