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Gastrogender or Gastrongender is a xenogender and aesthetigender identity in which one’s gender is generally related to food or drinks. It serves as an umbrella term for all food/drink-related genders. Genders under this umbrella are usually described through means more typically associated with food than gender, such as describing one's gender as spicy, sweet, savory, etc, over more common descriptors such as masculine or feminine.

Gastrogenders may be connected to flavors associated with food, or may be connected to food purely through aesthetics, texture or shape. The loose definition of the term allows any gender with connections to food, beverages or flavor to be considered gastrogenders. The term also occasionally serves to mean that one's gender is affected by the foods or drinks they consume.

For a list of gastrogenders, see Category:Gastrogender.

Common Definitions[]

A fluid gender experience that is dependent/influenced on an individual’s eating habits, regardless of their culture/society’s assumptions on what kind of food is “manly” or “chick food”

–Tumblr user jhendurs, 2015[3] (Coining in bad faith)

It’s a group of genders which encompasses the properties of a flavor or type of food.

–Tumblr user mogai-moth, 2019[1]


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