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This is the Aster Appreciation Page. Write some kind messages to our amazing gay (former) admin, Asterclouds!

Aster Appreciation Day = May 30th

(PLATONICALLY) LOVE YA BBG! Stay woke. -BoHere (Bo)

Kewl, congrats :3. Ur awesome :D -GetintotheAatspirit

Ur awesome! :3 -BLuFeather

You're a cool person and is awesome - Some Wandom Idiot

Have a nice day ^w^- User:GlitchGirlTheAwesome

"a very nice and bootiful message" - Emin-Knows-Stuff {Emin}

Hope you have a great day! You're awesome Aster - HelenDaMelon

You cool 👍 - RainbowPink2 (Rainbow)

Epic )dflop -

thanks for all the tips and tricks you showed me! Btw may or may not forgot all of them. - Mon-Zoe <Zoe>

uhhh i just want to say something You are amazing and you are one of the most notable figures on this wiki tbh - Sumaesioso

You're cool and I hope I'll get to know you more ! Btw thanks for the medals I truly love them ! - Neo-Azilys

Thanks for unintentionally figuring out a BIG part of my gender :) You are very cool 👍 - Cad

Hey aster teehee happy birthday (I almost wrote starter Pokémon so I’m calling you that now 👍) - Winniesayonara babyyy~

Aster your super chill and stuff -ash (AlienWasTaken)

I could've sworn I signed this. Whatever. I'm doing it now. -Adrian/Skylar(Oct 1 2023)

Hello, you may be surprised to read this but yeah I was on the wiki while Aster was admin (for about 2 days…) yeah I created an account and then instantly got the notification “Asterclouds has an announcement” so I never got to actually talk to them but yeah *appreciates*-UnalivedLoafff

I was active on an alt while Aster was an admin here. I thought I'd left a message but I guess not. Aster was really cool and it's sad they left but I hope they're living an awesome life wherever they are right now! :) - TheOnlySmartOneHere