Gender Wiki

This page serves as an FAQ for topics related to the Gender Wiki itself; most of these points are directed at users who are looking to contribute to the wiki, or coin a gender.

  • If you think a FAQ should be added to this page, comment it, and we'll consider adding it.
  • If you are looking for FAQ's related to gender, than you should check our gender-related FAQ.

For coiners:

How do I get my terms taken off the wiki?

At the moment the only way to get your terms removed from the wiki is through Tumblr or the message wall of a wiki administrator or bureaucrat, who can be found on the administration page. On Tumblr, there are currently three ways to do this:

  • You can tag us @gender-fandom-wiki in a post saying that you would like your terms removed. You must tag us, or we will not see the post and your terms will not be removed.
  • You can send us an ask saying that you would like your terms removed.
  • You can message us saying that you would like your terms removed.

In all of these instances we will remove your terms, no questions asked. If you don’t want any of your terms added in the future, please specify that and we will add you to the list of coiners that do not want their terms on the wiki.

My gender was incorrectly defined on the wiki, how do I fix it?

First of all, we are so sorry this has happened. We do our best to make sure all wiki pages are accurate, but sometimes things slip through without us noticing. You can either correct the page yourself, or you can contact a staff member on one of their message walls. You can also contact us on Tumblr using one of the three methods listed above.

For editors:

What terms are allowed on the wiki?

The Gender Wiki is for gender-related terms and topics. We currently allow pages for:

  • Gender identities ( This includes neogenders, xenogenders, kenochords, and the like )
  • Gender modalities
  • AGABs / neo-AGABs
  • Gender systems
  • Gender affixes
  • Prominent trans / non-binary individuals in media
  • Gender coining blogs
  • Other gender-related topics ( e.g. gender euphoria, binding, etc. )

We do not allow pages for:

  • Sexualities
  • Orientations
  • Otherkin Identities
  • Plural Identities
  • Xenoids / xenidens
  • Aldernic identities
  • Transid / transx identities
  • Hearthic identities
  • Vesil identities / general identity terms
  • Other terms not related to gender

If you are unsure if a term belongs on the wiki or not, feel free to message a staff member.

What are the wiki’s rules?

You can find our rules on the wiki policies page.

What are the wiki’s editing rules?

You can find our editing rules on the wiki policies and editing guide pages. You are required to read these before creating or editing pages.

How do I create pages?

A tutorial for creating pages can be found here. Note that you can only create / edit pages if you have an autoconfirmed FANDOM account, meaning your account was created at least four days ago. On the Gender Wiki, make sure you use our template to format pages and abide by our wiki policies and editing guide.

Why was my edit undone?

We undo edits that we feel are not beneficial to a page or that violate our wiki’s rules. If you feel that your edit should not have been undone, you can contact a staff member on one of their message walls.

Why was my page deleted?

We delete pages if they are not related to gender, violate the wiki’s rules, or if the coiner of the term has stated that they do not want their term on the wiki. If you feel that your page should not have been deleted, you can contact a staff member on one of their message walls.

How do I use citations?

A tutorial for how to add references to pages can be found here. Please refer to our citing standards page for what citations we allow and how to format them.