Gender Wiki

What is the policy?

All genders created for this wiki or imported from one source must be marked with {{NewGender}} template until such time as deemed notable and accepted by the community. It is preferred that genders without this tag have either a link or citation proving it notability and/or acceptance by the Trans community or gender nonconforming community but it is not required.

Why do we have this policy?

Frankly, sometimes it is hard to tell a well thought out Satirical Gender and well-meaning serious proposal. Other times the proposed gender is definitely serious but it might not be useful. Also trans/gender research is still in the early days so isn't too much help in separating what is possible gender-wise and what is not.

Examples of proof of external acceptance

  • A Wikipedia article on the gender. If it good enough for Wikipedia it good enough for us.
  • A link to a community around that gender
  • A study where real people stated that as their gender.

Examples of proposed actions

  • Accept the gender and remove the template
  • Move the gender to the Satirical Gender page
  • Move to the Pocket Gender
  • Move for outright deletion