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Tone tags are a method of communicating tone and emotion through texting, posting, or any other form of online communication. A list of the most commonly used tone tags follows.

/srs - seriously

/gen - genuinely (can also be /g)

/j - jokingly

/hj - half-jokingly

/nf - not forced

/lh - light-hearted

/nm - not mean

/s - sarcasm (can also be /sar or /sarc)

/p - platonically

/genq - genuine question

/pos - positive tone

/neg - negative tone

/neu - neutral tone

/nfa - not looking for an answer

/lfa - looking for an answer

A full list of tone tags can be found here.

Tone tags are never meant to be used as a joke. It ruins the point of them and can be very confusing.