Gender Wiki
An example of a trigger warning in a discussions post.

A trigger warning is a small message at the beginning of a post warning users of possible disturbing, overstimulating, or otherwise unpleasant content. Here is a list of topics that need a trigger warning when shared on the Gender Wiki. The words in bold require a sensory warning, or 'SW' instead of a trigger warning.

  • Gore
  • Blood
  • Creepy or scary imagery/content
  • Death
  • Violence
  • Bad mental health situations
  • Bad physical health situations
  • Transphobia/homophobia or any other kind of queerphobia
  • All the 'ism's (sexism, racism, ableism, etc.)
  • Vomiting/sickness
  • Medical Procedures/Medical Tools (especially needles)
  • Gross/disturbing imagery/content
  • Mentions of genitalia (pictures of genitals are not allowed at all, even with a trigger warning)
  • Mentions of alcohol, weed, or other addictive substances
  • Bullying, manipulation, etc.
  • Genitalia (no images allowed)
  • Bright lights or colors
  • Flashing imagery
  • Bold, italic, or capitalized letters
  • "Funky" text (alternating lowercase and uppercase letters)
  • Extreme unicode text usage
  • Anything else you think might trigger someone or someone's sensory issues. Remember, it’s better to include one if you’re not sure.