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Genderfaun is an idingender identity in which one is genderfluid, but their fluidity does not encompass women-aligned, fiaspec genders, or anything similar. Genderfaun individuals tend not to feel fingenders unless said gender happens to also be man-aligned too (such as rosboy, for example).

Subsets of genderfaun include marfluid, wistrafluid, linumgender, genderfaunet, neurogenderfaun, greyfaun, rosgenderfaun, faunflux, and demifaun. The static version is pangenderfaun.

The feminine counterpart to genderfaun is genderfae; the neutral/non-binary counterpart is genderflor.


Genderfaun Symbol

Genderfaun symbol by nicprice127[8]


The genderfaun symbol was designed by Tumblr user nicprice127 on November 17, 2018.[2]


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