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Genderfaun flag by Pride-Flags on DeviantArt.[1]

Genderfaun (or Genderfawn) is a form of genderfluidity that does not encompass women-aligned, fiaspec genders, or anything similar. Genderfaun individuals tend not to feel fingenders unless said gender happens to also be man-aligned too (like rosboy for example). Genderfaun is under the genderfaunet umbrella.

Three subsets of genderfaun are marfluid, wistrafluid, and linumgender.


Genderfaun was coined by DeviantArt/Tumblr user Shadowofthedude, the flag was posted on May 31st, 2017.[1] It was meant to be the opposite of genderfae, whose coinage was in 2014 with an unknown coiner. Tumblr user The Gay Trans Dad (also known as nicprice127-blog) made a version of the flag with the genderfaun symbol on it, this was on Novemeber 17th (2018).[2]


Genderfaun symbol by nicprice127.[2]

Flags + Details

Genderfaun flag by Pride-Flags on DeviantArt.[1]

Genderfaun flag by The Gay Trans Dad on Tumblr.[2]