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Genderfluid is a gender identity which refers to a gender that varies, or changes over time. This can be occasionally, every month, every week, every day, or even within a few moments depending on the person. Sometimes it is consistent and sometimes it is not. A genderfluid person's gender may change dramatically, delicately, rapidly, or slowly also depending on the person. The gender may stay the same for several months or change within minutes. Sometimes the gender changes in response to different circumstances, which is known as mutogender.

Genderfluid is under the multigender umbrella. Genderfluid individuals may also identify as non-binary or transgender, but do not have to.

Genderfluid is related to genderflux. Genderfluid is also an umbrella term for genderfaunet, genderfaer, genderfloren, genderfrith, genderspirit, and genderfruct.


Other subsets of genderfluid include agenderfluid, weekfluid, transfluid, fluidqueer, bigenderfluid, xenofluid, demifluid, lunagender, nuncgender, mutogender, magifluid, alysgender, cassfluid, quasifluid, cluttergender, parafluid, exofluid, hazyfluid, condigender, demiofluid, occufluid, noenfluid, gendergryph, genderund, perifluid, childfluid, and agentogender.

Some genders that can be fluid are pangender, bigender, polygender, omnigender contrastgender, octogender, neurogxrl, neurobxy, concegender, boolegender, and genderlost.

For a list of genders that are fluid in nature see Category:Idingender

Genders that cross between genderfluid and genderflux include fluidflux and its subsets.


The first known mention of the word genderfluidity was in Kate Bornstein's book, Gender Outlaw: On Men, Women and the Rest of Us, in May 12th 1994.[2] Genderfluid has been in use since at least the 1990s, however with a sometimes with different meanings. Trans advocate Michael M. Hernandez wrote in 1996 "Gender-fluid means that their gender identity and/or expression encompass both masculine and feminine. Gender fluidity is becoming commonly known as transgenderism: the ability to transcend gender, whether biological, emotional, political, or otherwise; truly mixing male and female." [3]

In the 1990s and 2000s, it was more common for a genderfluid individual to call themselves either bigender or genderqueer. The earliest dictionary entry for genderfluid was in 2007 on the Urban Dictionary.[4] In 2010, the Gender-Fluid community was created on LiveJournal.[5][6] On August 2nd 2012, lostinthoughtspaceandfantasies on Tumblr came up the official and original genderfluid flag (that is known about).[1] Lostinthoughtspaceandfantasies, also known as JJ Poole, would later go on to do an interview about it.[7]

Annouced on May 6th 2015, added an entry for genderfluid, which it defined as an adjective meaning "noting or relating to a person whose gender identity or gender expression is not fixed and shifts over time or depending on the situation."[8][9] On September 26th, Hologramv made an alternative flag for genderfluid.[10]

Sometime in 2018, thegenderfluidfeelwhen on Tumblr made an alternative flag for genderfluid.[11]

On the 2nd of March 2019, Marijn Florence Robert van Hoorn created an alternative flag for genderfluid.[12] A month later on the 16th, shedhogs on Tumblr made an alternative flag as well.[13] At some point in 2019, ShinyUmbreon465 made an alternative flag for genderfluid that also doubled as an alternative flag for genderqueer and bigender.[14]

On May 28th 2020, Marssomnia (♤~Captain Marvin~♤) made a new alternative flag for genderfluid.[15] Later on June 15th, wlwakanda made a new flag for genderfluid.[16] On July 13th 2020, dianxiahsoka on Twitter made a flag for genderfluid.[17] Blueberryjello on December 17th 2020 also made an alternative flag for genderfluid.[18] Sometime that same year, deceiitful from Reddit made an alternative flag too.[19]

A new genderfluid flag was made by Fruitindividual on Febuary 10th 2021.[20] That same day, SageTheQueer made an alternative flag too.[21] On May 17th 2021, poly3-culture-is on Tumblr made a genderfluid flag too.[22] An alternative genderfluid symbol was made by microwavedsystem on June 15th 2021.[23]

At some point system-lgbt made an alternative genderfluid symbol on 2018.[24]

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