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Juxera flag by wulfgendeur[1]

Juxera is mainly a female-aligned gender. It is a feeling of being near girl, but not quite.

It is a fiaspec gender but for some reason there was a mix up along the way and so some people classify it as a fingender. It can be considered a feminine gender, but its mainly a female-aligned gender. Most of those who do use this term do not identify with the term female.


This term was coined by wulgendeur on Tumblr.[1]

Someone who is juxera may also identify with the term, ''Thirdgender'' due to the fact that this gender is on a plane not connected to the gender binary. It is a whole, single gender, that is female-aligned. This is not to be confused with demigirl, because demigirls tend to have some connection to the binary gender female. While some feel that it is not outside of the male-female binary, some feel that juxera and proxvir make their own binary off to the side of male and female. Both definitions are valid.  


Juxera flag by wulfgendeur[1]

An alternate Juxera flag by unknown