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The Official Levelgender Flag, created by m0dem0n.

Levelgender (also known as expgender) is a gender identity that expands the more a person gets to know someone who identifies with it. The closer a person is to one who identifies as this, the more comfortable the person may be with showing different presentations and gender identities around the other person. It's related to genderqueer and genderfluid.

For example, the creator of this identity, m0dem0n, is only comfortable identifying/presenting as a masculine agender person around strangers, but presents and identifies as some form of genderfluid or genderflux around super close friends and partners.

Locked genders are the gender identities and presentations that people who identify as levelgender keep “locked” from strangers or people who aren’t super close to them. They may reveal the gender(s) regardless of closeness and ask for only certain people to refer to them as such, or may keep locked genders hidden until one is close enough to them.

Credit to m0dem0n when using this flag in anything (including edits and et cetera), is not required, but greatly appreciated.

History & Flag

The Levelgender Flag and it's color's meanings.

Levelgender was coined by tumblr user m0dem0n in August of 2021, as well as created its flag, symbols, and alternative flags/symbols. It is called levelgender/expgender because it’s meant to allude to leveling up one's friendship/relationship level with a person to access the other gender identities and presentations they have, similar to a video game with a relationship system.

Here are the colors of the flag and their meanings:

  • heliotrope pink = platonic & romantic relationships
  • violet = genderfluidity
  • lavender = androgyny/binary genders
  • white = lack of gender
  • green = nonbinary genders
  • yellow = trust
  • orange = boundaries
  • dark violet/blue & darkened colors = “locked” genders

The middle stripes of the flag were accidentally made similar to the genderqueer flag, so those stripes gained a similar meaning as the genderqueer flag during its creation.

Alternative Flags and Symbols

More variants to the flag can be found on m0dem0n's tumblr page.


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