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Libragender is a gender identity in which one's gender is mostly agender, but has a strong connection to gendered feelings one experiences. Libragender consists being 1-49% of a gender.

Common Definitions[]

This is a gender that is mostly agender, but has a strong connection to a different gender

–catgirlgoreTumblr Favicon, 2013/2014[1]

Libragender: A gender identity that is mostly agender, but has a connection to masculinity and/or femininity, and/or other gendered feelings. That connection may be static (libragender, librafeminine, libramasculine, etc) or fluid, where one feels that the gendered feelings one experiences chang (librafluid).

–pride-color-schemesTumblr Favicon, 2016[3]

There's no gender expression attached to agenders, they can present as what society calls masculine, feminine or androgynous (unisex included) etc, and also feel connected/relate to what people call feminine, masculine, etc, usually these agenders identify as libragender (an umbrella containing librafeminine, libramasculine, librandrogyne, librafluid, libranonbinary folks, etc). librafeminine folks feel connected to what society calls femininity even though they don't use words like feminine to describe things and don't see themselves as women as they prefer to not see womanhood.

–AVEN #1 fan, 2017[4]

Libragender, part of the agender spectrum is a gender label with mostly agender or genderless typically outweighing a gendered feeling, but still having a small connection to another gender. Akin to Demigender, with a key difference being that instead of experiencing exactly half and half of a gender, libragender consists being 1-49% of a gender, give or take.

–IronDefenderReddit Favicon, 2022[5]


Subsets of libragender include:


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