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This page is a List Of Genders! It is a mostly alphabetical list of some of the genders on this wiki, along with a link to their pages and a short description of each gender.

(Visit our gender identities category page for a more currently complete list of genders).

Notes for contributors who would like to add genders to this page:

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  • List each gender with it's main/official name hyperlinked to it's page, and a short description. (Nothing else)
  • Each gender listed must already have a page on this wiki.
  • Please keep each description limited to one, easy to read and understand, sentence.
  • If a gender is exclusive to certain groups of people, said group should be stated. (This bypasses the one-sentence guideline)

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  • Abimegender by pride flags-d96sq0g Abimegender: A gender that is profound, deep, and infinite.
  • Alt Abinary Abinary: Genders completely unrelated to the gender binary.
  • Acegender by Polymorphic-Queerptid-Acegender page Acegender: Orientationgender that covers genders related to asexuality.
  • Aesthetigender Flag Aesthetigenders: Contains qualities of an aesthetic or sensory experience.
  • Screen Shot 2021-06-16 at 6.12.42 PM Aftgender: Being aligned with the pronouns you were assigned at birth but wanting to change your sex.
  • Agender flag Agender: Feeling of having no gender.
  • Aic Flag Aic: Xenogender that feels 'short' or 'small.'
  • Androgyne 3 by pride flags-d97f3hq Androgyne: Genders related to being a combination of male and female.
  • Apogender by pride flags-d96sbug Apogender: Feeling entirely removed from the concept of gender.
  • Astronomique Astronomique: Genders related to/affected by astronomy.
  • Azurgirl Flag Azurgirl: A masculine-aligned girl/woman.


  • Backroomic Flag Backroomic: Gender related to the backrooms.
  • Bigender Bigender: Experiencing two gender identities.
  • Bigenderfluid Bigenderfluid: Being fluid between two gender identities.
  • Bagpipegender Bagpipegender: Xenogender related to bagpipes.
  • Bigenderflux Flag Bigenderfluix: Experiencing two gender identities that are both fluid and fluctuating in intensity.
  • Bigenderflux Flag Bigenderflux: Experiencing two genders that fluctuate in intensity.
  • Boyflip Flag Boyflip: When one flips between being a boy and being another gender(s).
  • B♡y Flag B♡y: Boy connected to love.
  • Biaoqingpandagender Biaoqingpandagender: Genderlessness related to biaoqing pandas.


  • Cakegender Cakegender: Xenogenders that are related to cakes.
  • Captigender Flag Captigender:Captigender is a gender which is obscured by constant thoughts, that can feel trapped in a box.
  • Cassgender Cassgender: Feeling that gender is unimportant or indifferent from the idea of gender.
  • Alternative Cluttergender Flagg Cluttergender: When one feels cluttered with many genders.
  • Cluwellous Flag Cluwellous: Gender related to fluffy clouds and pastel colors.
  • ReallylongnameFlag Cinnamoncarrotcakegender: Xenogender related to a very specific kind of cake.
  • Condigender Flag Condigender: A gender that is only felt under specific circumstances.
  • Coffeeyic Coffeeyic: Xenogenders related to coffees.
  • Cookiegender flag Cookiegender: Xenogenders that are related to cookies.
  • Coconutgender Flag Coconutgender: Xenogender related to coconuts


  • Dazefluid Flag Dazefluid: A fluid gender that feels foggy and unclear.
  • Dazegender FlagDazegender: A gender that feels foggy and unclear.
  • Demiagender Demiagender: Being partially agender and partially another gender.
  • The Demiagenderflux flag made by reddit user Similar Western4594 Demiagenderflux: Being demiagender, agenderflux, and librafluid.
  • Demigender Demigender: Being partially one gender(s) and partially another gender(s).
  • Demiandrogyne Flag Demiandrogye: Partially relating to being androgyne.
  • Demi-bigender: Being two demigender simultaneously.
  • Demiboy: Being partially male and partially another gender(s).
  • Demicass: Being partially cassgender and partially another gender.
  • Demienbyflux: Being partially deminonbinary with fluctuating intensity, and partially another gender.
  • Demifemme: Being partially demigirl and partially a fingender.
  • Demifluid: Having a static gender and a fluid gender.
  • Demigirlflux: Fluctuating between demigirl and agender.
  • Demigirl: Being partially female and partially another gender(s).
  • Denchuhsgender: A gender related to Denchuhs from My Singing Monsters.
  • Drinkgender: Covers gastrogenders related to beverages.
  • Demimin: Being partially mingender and partially a non-binary identity.
  • Demineutrois: Being partially neutrois and partially another gender(s).
  • Dualdenialgender: Having 2 genders and trying to 'push away' or 'ignore' one.


  • Endogender: A gender that is fluid or fluctuating, but is always at least somewhat related to a given gender(s).
  • Errgender: When one’s gender has strayed, and one can't quite get ahold of it.
  • Egogender: A gender so personal to one's life it can only be defined as oneself.
  • Eosgender: A gender with such a strong connection to the people around oneself it can only be defined as those people.



  • Galasterios: Gender related to coziness, stars, and space.
  • Gastrogender: Covers xenogenders related to food or drinks.
  • Genderbi: Covers genders related to bisexuality.
  • Genderbroken: Felling as if your gender could be easily shattered or broken.
  • Globogender: Xenogender relating to balloons.
  • Genderfae: Genderfluiditiy that never encompasses and masculine-aligned genders.
  • Genderfaer: Genderfluid that never encompasses being fully masculine.
  • Genderfaun: Genderfluidity that never encompasses woman-aligned genders.
  • Genderfaunet: Genderfluid that never encompasses being fully female.
  • Genderflip: When one flips between multiple genders.
  • Genderfluid: Gender that changes over time.
  • Genderflux: Gender that varies in intensity over time.
  • Genderfruct: Being fluid between all genders.
  • Genderlost: Gender that feels lost or missing.
  • Genderpan: Covers genders related to pansexuality.
  • Gendersatyr: like genderfaun but must include xenogenders
  • Gendervoid: Feeling nothing where gender should be.
  • Girlflip: When one flips between being a girl and being another gender(s).
  • G♡rl: Girl connected to love.


  • Hemigender: Demigender that is 50% one gender and 50% another.
  • Hemiboy: 50% male and 50% another gender(s).
  • Hemigirl: 50% female and 50% another gender(s).
  • Heminonbinary: 50% non-binary and 50% another gender(s).
  • Hemigenderflux: Fluctuate between 0% and 50% of a gender(s).
  • Heminonbinaryflux: Fluctuate between 0% and 50% non-binary.
  • Hemigirlflux: Fluctuate between 0% and 50% of a fingender.
  • Hemiboyflux: Fluctuate between 0% and 50% of a mingender.
  • Hydrangeaflux: Static miaspec genders, mingenders, and unaligned genders.
  • Hypergender: Being more than 100% of a gender.
  • Hyperenby: Being more than 100% non-binary.
  • Hypergirl: Being more than 100% female.
  • Hyperboy: Being more than 100% male
  • Hyperfluid: Gender chances constantly and rapidly.
  • Heartcookiegender: Gender connected to heart-shaped cookies.
  • Hazyfluid: Genderfluid that does not know where to flow.
  • Heliogender: Gender connected to warmth and intense sensation of gender/genderlessness.
  • Highempatix: Gender connected to one's high empathy. (Exclusive to neurodivergent people)
  • Hezegender: Genderfluid that always has an overlay of agender.
  • Hotcocaic: Gender related to hot coca.
  • Hexagender: Experiencing exactly six genders.
  • Hillgender: A xenogender that feels like a hill/multiple hills.
  • Hillgenderfluix: A fluid xenogender that feels like a line of hills with an entity walking over them, causing the gender to fluctuate.


  • Intergender: Dyadic and/or intersex people who are between male and female.
  • Illusogender: Gender feels 'fake.'
  • Intrafeminflux: Feminine and experiencing masculine or non-binary identities.
  • Intramascflux: Masculine and experiencing feminine or non-binary identities.
  • Iceberglettucegender: A xenogender gender that can only be described as iceberg lettuce.


  • Jokegender: Gender related to funniness, drama, and/or tragedy and comedy.
  • Juxera: Close to female but not quite.


  • Karfein: Gender related to chains, handcuffs, and metal.
  • Kawaiinix: Gender related to the kawaii aesthetic.
  • Kenochoric: Gender related to kenopsia.
  • Keingender: Umbrella term for all genders related to kenopsia.
  • Kesvios: A mixture of masculine and neutrois, and ghostly in nature.
  • Keroppigender: Gender related to Sanrio character Keroppi.
  • Keygender: Gender changes when hearing a piano being played.
  • Ketugender: Gender related to an unrealistic and ego-based self-image.
  • Kidcoric: Gender related to kidcore.
  • Kidcorestalgic: Gender related to kidcore nostalgia.
  • Kidliminalgic: Gender related to nostalgia from liminal kidcore spaces.
  • Kingender: Gender is related to or affected by kintype.
  • Kircore: Gender related to the kircore aesthetic.
  • Krúttgender: Gender is related to the color pink, frills, cuteness, femininity, ect.
  • Kvenlegurflux: Fingender that fluctuates in intensity.
  • Kevgender: Does not identify as a particular gender, or doesn't like to talk about one's gender.
  • Kosmyc Gender Group: Gender system related to colors or other things/concepts.


  • Lexegender: Genders that can only be described using a word.
  • Lexicgender: Associating gender with words/letters.
  • Libragender: Being mostly agender and partially another gender.
  • Linumgender: A genderfluid man.
  • Lucidic: Gender connected to lucid dreams



  • Neoboy: Being a man outside of the gender binary.
  • Neogirl: Being a woman outside of the gender binary.
  • Nesciogender: When one’s neurotype affects how clearly they understand their gender.
  • Neurogender: Genders related to or affected by one's neurotype.
  • Neugender: Non-binary genders that are expressed as binary.
  • Nonbinaryflux: Non-binary with fluctuating intensity.
  • Nonvirmina: When one feels connected to both masculinity and femininity but is not a man or woman.
  • Non-binary: Genders that are not binary.


  • Offgender: Being very close to a gender, but not quite.
  • Omnixeno: Experiencing all xenogenders simultaneously.
  • Orientationgender: Genders related to sexual/romantic orientation.


  • Pangender: Being all genders.
  • Paragender: Being close to a gender, but cannot fully be that gender.
  • Paragirlflux: Fluctuate between paragirl and agender.
  • Parifluid: Fluid between mingenders, fingenders, genderlessness, or neutral genders.
  • Presentisian: When one’s gender becomes their current gender presentation.
  • Paraflux: 'Main' genders and 'minor' genders fluctuate.
  • Phobigender: One being extremely scared of their gender.
  • Parafluid: Paragender that is close to genderfluid.
  • Proxvir: Close to male but not quite.
  • Pupgender: Gender related to dogs/puppies.
  • Polygender: Having more than one gender.
  • Polyflux: At least two genders that fluctuate in intensity.
  • Puzzlegender: Gender is or needs to be pieced together.
  • Pichugender: Gender is small/fuzzy with electric charge, or is related to the Pokémon Pikachu.
  • Prettygender: Gender is related to pretty things.
  • Pumpkinspice Gender: Gender is related to pumpkin spice.
  • Phytogender: Kingender related to being plantfolk. (Exclusive to phytanthropes)
  • Polkgender: Gender feels incomplete, or as if parts of one's body are fading away.
  • Peachgender: Gender related to peaches.
  • Pompomgender: Gender related to Sanrio character Pompompurin.
  • Pastromic: Gender related to the smell of freshly baked goods.
  • Pinksugarcookiera: Gender related to pink icing, sprinkles, and sweet/cute femininity of sugar cookies.
  • Premale: Feeling connected to the premale gender itself.
  • Prefluid: Being fluid between premale and another non-binary identity.
  • Piegender: Gender that is like a pie.


  • Quadgender: Experiencing four gender identities.
  • Qouigender: Not understanding or wanting to define gender.
  • Quoiboy: Being qouigender and having masculinity/masculine origins.
  • Quintgender: Experiencing five gender identities.
  • Quasigender: Experiencing mostly one gender or set of genders, but not being entirely.
  • Quasifluid: Experiencing demifluid and another demigender.
  • Quesadillagender: Gender is connected to or can be best described by a quesadilla.


  • Rahugender: Gender related to people one seeks to be like.
  • Retrofluid: Gender is fluid between the retro era's.
  • Rosboy: A feminine-aligned boy/man.
  • Reflective gender: Gender changes upon day-to-day situations or the people one is around.
  • Rhombusgender: Being comfortable with shape-related identities.


  • Seasogender: A gender connected to one of the four seasons.
  • Solarset: A gender that is mostly neutral with strong connections to masculinity.
  • Sortafluid: Sort of genderfluid but not quite.
  • Sortagender: When you sort of identify with a gender but not quite.
  • Sortaboy: Sort of a boy, but not quite.
  • Sortagirl: Sort of a girl, but not quite.
  • Souryaic: Gender related to sour candies.
  • Stratogender: Gender that has multiple layers.
  • Sungender: Gender is warm, summery, and happy.
  • Starwashic: Gender feels like stars washing up on a beach.


  • Transgender: Not identifying as sex assigned at birth.
  • Transmasculine: Transgender people who's masculinity outweighs femininity.
  • Transfeminine: Transgender people who's femininity outweighs masculinity.
  • Transneutral: Transgender people who are neutral or unaligned.
  • Tomboy: Feminine-aligned people who present traditionally masculine.
  • Tomgirl: Masculine-aligned people who present traditionally feminine.
  • Two-Spirit: Experiencing mixed gender roles. (Exclusive to Indigenous North Americans)
  • Tetrisgender: Gender builds over time, and disappears when complete.
  • Trigender: Experiencing three gender identities.
  • Triflux: Three genders that fluctuate in intensity.
  • Trans-intersex: Intersex people who are transgender.
  • Traumatagender: Gender originates from intense trauma.
  • Triquiboy: Demiboy with an infinitely intricate gender.
  • Turbogender: Gender cannot be defined due to its intricacy.



  • Vastgender: Single gender made up of many genders.
  • Vapogender: Gender resembles smoke.
  • Venufluid: Fluid between fingenders, rarely fluid between mingenders or unaligned genders.
  • Virilflux: Mingender fluctuates in intensity.
  • Vosgender: Gender shifts to match the gender of those around one.


  • Watergender: Meaningful gender that cannot be defined entirely, because of disturbances.
  • Watermeletype: Feminine/woman-aligned gender, is a reclamation of negative stereotypes around black women. (Exclusive to black people)
  • WWaTTgender: Gender is based on or inspired by the band "Will Wood and The Tapeworms".
  • Warmcolern: Gender is related to warm colors.
  • Wallquestioning: Unsure if a current gender is blocking the "true gender."
  • Weekfluid: Gender changes every week, approximately.
  • Weirdcorestalgic: Xenogender related to being nostalgic for weirdcore.
  • Webcorestalgic: Xenogender related to be nonstalgic for webcore.
  • Weirdthing: Xenogender related to being weird and a thing; a weird thing
  • Wistrafluid: Fluid between mingenders.
  • Worldgender: Feeling as if subgenders make up an entire world or planet.
  • Wonderlandgender: Neurogender; gender feels overwhelming, wonderful, peculiar, and oddly comforting. (Exclusive to neurodivergent people)


  • Xenogender: Genders that cannot be contained by human understandings of gender.
  • Xoragender: Gender connected to femininity + grass, water, or both.
  • Xenoflora: Gender can be described as an environmental aspect.
  • Xenofluid: Fluid between xenogenders.
  • Xiaspec: Anyone on the xeno side of exobinary spectrum.
  • X-gender: One is neither male or female. (Japanese exclusive term)


  • Yippegender: Gender connected to video games, due to neurodivergency.
  • Yamcropic: Gender related to yam crop from Stardew Valley.


  • Zodiacgender: Xenogenders related to zodiac signs.
  • Zoogender: Gender related to nature/wildlife.
  • Zerogender: A clash between one gender and its opposite that condenses into a neutral spore that can germinate in either direction
  • Zertexios: Gender is ghostly, and a mix of feminine and neutrois.