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Maricagender flag.

Maricagender is a gender identity that's related, influenced or affected by the Spanish slur maricón . It's an orientationgender that can be used by anyone who has been affected by the slur, which is the broader LGBT+ Latine community. It is similar to terms like gaygender and genderf*g, as it is also meant to be used in a reclaiming manner.

Maricagender individuals may feel that this word has separated them from their original gender, that due to its usage they don't connect to masculinity and femininity and manhood and womanhood in the same way anymore.


The term maricagender was coined on August 27 of 2021 by FANDOM user Hiddn.haydn. The first flag was created and updated the same day. Although the term was only recently made, the word maricón has been around since at least the 16th century.


The new flag was created the same day of the term's coining, and it was changed to better represent the people who can use this word. The colors represent the following terms: