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Multigender is a term for anyone who experiences more than one gender identity. It can be used as a gender identity in its own right, or can be an umbrella term for other identities which fit this description.

Multigender people may experience two or more gender identities at the same time, or their gender identity may change over time (such as in genderfluid or genderflux, for example).

The gender identities they experience may be male, female, non-binary, or genderless.

Multigender can fall under the umbrella categories transgender (identifying with a gender besides one's AGAB) and non-binary (identifying with a gender outside the gender binary), but whether these additional labels apply to an individual comes down to personal choice.


Identities that fall under the multigender umbrella include:

For a comprehensive list of identities under the multigender umbrella, please see Category:Multigender.


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