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These pronouns are a set of neoponouns that are used in place of binary pronouns, singular they, or it pronouns. They are based off of the binary pronoun "he" in the sense of how it is used. People of any gender can use this pronoun, however it is intended to be for more masculine gendered people, expecially Nonbinary people. They were coined by @NonbinarySushiRoll, who also made this page.

  • Ne is a good person.
  • This is my gift for nim, I hope ne likes it.
  • Ne is very nice, I like nim.
  • This television is nis, ne likes to watch CSI.
  • Ne likes nimself and the way ne looks.
  • Nis name is one of a kind.
  • Ne doesnt care what others say about nim, ne loves nimself.
  • Nis pronouns are nis choice, not yours.

    The pride flag for ne/nim pronouns, coined Dec 2019 by the same person who created the pronouns. Light blue represents Masculinity, dark blue represents male, white represents Non-binary genders and or gender neutrality.