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Neogirl flag by erikaispanlol[1]

Neogirl is a fem-aligned gender. It related to the feeling of a girl/woman/gal but in the outside the binary way. Neogirl is a non-binary gender identity that is also considered under the fingender and fiaspec umbrella.[2]

Some neogirls describe their experience as:

  • feeling like a "new" kind/type of woman
  • feeling like a woman and/or connected to femininity (partly or entirely) but in a "different" way
  • feeling like a woman but outside the gender binary

Not all neogirls experience this. However it is a good general outline for figuring out if you may or may not be a neogirl yourself.


The term neogirl was coined by Twitter user erikaispanlol in November 2020, at the same time, neoboy was coined. The neogirl and neoboy flag was created the same day.[3][1]


Neogirl flag by erikaispanlol[1]


Understandably a few many find that neogirl and juxera are similar, which they are. However, they are not the same thing. In way you could say that neogirl and juxera are siblings with their similarities. That is the best way to describe their relationship.