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This page is about a gender identity that is not widely used among gender-variant people. This does not mean that the identity is not valid, but that very few people are known to use this term. This tag is to remain until there is verification by one of our staff team that said gender is more prevalent.

Neuroflux is a Neurogender coined by one Polyxeni Jupiter ( Thesurus-Rex#9124 on discord. ˚.・。゚✧Arsenic・‧͙⁺˚‧͙#3139 and Reia | /ɹeɪʌ/ | She/Her#7727 are also responsible for later helping with the coin and both identify as NF) who identifies with the term. PJ defines Neuroflux as a gender identity in which one's gender experience that - due to neurodivergency - is detached from one's self, and also fluctuates in intensity. Neuroflux may also have fluidity along with it, in which case it can be called neurofluidflux.


Neuroflux as an identity and experience suggests a neurofluid, as well as just a detachment from gender, whether caused by neurodivergency or not. Feel free to coin these terms if you want, this page will be updated if/when someone coins those terms.

Alternative Names

Neuroflux currently has 4 subcategories: Masculine, Feminine, Neutral, and Fluid. Rather than make the name much longer than necessary Polyxeni has come up with shorthand for them:

  • Masculine: NBF or NbF (Neuroboyflux)
  • Neutral: NNF or NnF (Neuroneutralflux)
  • Feminine: NGF or NgF (Neurogirlflux)
  • Fluid: NLF or NlF (Neurofluidflux)