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'''[[File:Neutrois Flag scalable.svg|thumb|Neutrois [[pride flag]]]]'''
'''Neutrois''' is a [[non-binary]] [[gender identity]] which is often associated with a "neutral" or "null" gender. It may also be associated with genderlessness, and shares many similarities with [[agender]] - people who consider themselves neutrally gendered or genderless, but some may identify as both, while others may prefer one term or the other.
Neutrois people may experience [[dysphoria]] and wish to [[transition]]. Often, Neutrois people prefer their [[gender expression]] to be gender neutral or [[androgynous]], though this may vary from person to person. Some Neutrois people wish to [[medically transition]] to remove all [[sex characteristics]], but others only wish to remove specific characteristics or [[Non-Op|do not desire surgery]] at all.
As with other non-binary identities, Neutrois people may not have their gender [[Legal Gender|legally recognised]] on their documentation. However, an increasing number of countries, states, and sites allow for non-binary identities to be recognised, including Facebook, which includes Neutrois as a gender option.
Neutrois people may have any [[sexuality]].
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==External links==

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