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Not to be confused with Enbyflux.


Nonbinaryflux flag by NovaReyes.[1]

Nonbinaryflux, enbyflux, or nbyflux, is a gender identity in which one's gender exists outside the binary and experiences fluctuating intensity. Nonbinaryflux is a subset of genderflux.

An example of a nonbinaryflux person's experience of gender may be a neutrois 50% of the time, agender 25% percent of the time, and somewhere between the two for the other times. The intensity can fluctuate over any period of time.

Some subsets of nonbinaryflux include xoyflux, xirlflux, enboyflux, girlbyflux, abinariflux, and demienbyflux.


It is unknown the exact coining date, however the earliest findable reference is by beyond-mogai-pride-flags on June 19th of 2018.[2][3] The flag was coined by Zatruc-Neigea on the same day.[4][5] In 2017, user NovaReyes made the first nbyflux flag.[1]

On September 21st, 2020, mogai-trender-sideblog made an alternative enbyflux flag.[6]

On February 14th, 2021, beyond-mogai-pride-flags made an alternative flag for nonbinaryflux.[7] On October 24th, enbyalexa made an flag for nbyflux too.[8] Then on November 14th, qualityprideflags made a revised version of Zactruc-Neigea's flag.[9]

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