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Perifluid Flag

Perifluid flag by nbgenders.[1]

Perifluid is a genderfluid identity in which one is fluid between mingenders, fingenders, genderlessness, and/or neutral genders. Perifluid is a subset of genderfrith.


Perifluid was coined sometime on or before 2019 by nbgenders, a deactivated Tumblr user. Perifluid's coinage was reuploaded by aesthetic-flags around April 2nd, 2019.[2][3]

On May 24th, 2021, Transfeminine created two alternative flags for perifluid.[4][5]


On the original perifluid flag, the blue bell color is for manhood, the white is to represent lack of gender, the deluge color is for fluidity, the black is for androgyny, and the lavender blue is for womanhood.

On the alternative flags, the plum color for womanhood, the amour color is for a lack of gender and neutral genders, the butterfly bush color is to represent manhood, the black for fluidity, and the violet is for feminine/masculine-aligned genders.

Alternative Perifluid Flag (1)

1st alternative perifluid flag by Transfeminine.[5]

Alternative Perifluid Flag (2)

2nd alternative perifluid flag by Transfeminine.[4]