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Pocket Gender Flag by Alex Stowe[1]

Pocket Genders are gender identities that are used by one or a couple of people. These genders are often highly personal, or based on a highly specific concept.


Alternative Pocket Gender flag by sleepygender.[2]

Alternative Pocket Gender Flag

2nd Alternative Pocket Gender Flag by Unicornian[3]

A few examples of pocket genders are listed below:


Pocket Gender was coined by IngenDer on April 21st 2015.[4]


On May 24th 2016, Alex Stowe created a flag for Pocket Gender.[1] The pink and blue represent masculinity and femininity. They are shaped in triangles to represent the varying amounts of masculinity and femininity. The purple represents androgyny, the black represents a form of genderlessness, and the orange represents maverique-like genders.

The first alternate Pocket Gender flag was designed on March 7, 2020, by Tumblr user sleepygender.[2]

Another alternative flag was made by Unicornian on March 23rd 2021.[3] The colors represent the diversity of uncommon terms.