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Alternative Pocket Gender flag by sleepygender.[1]

Pocket Genders are gender identities that are used by one or a couple of people. If a gender meets the criteria of a pocket gender, it will be listed on this page as such. These genders are often highly personal, or based on a highly specific concept.

Feel free to add your own ideas as well.

List Of Pocket Genders (work in progress)

*Any term with a note below means it needs a page or its own page needs to be updated with missing information.

  • Abinary
  • Anogender/Anagender (Note: “Ano/ana” meaning “up, back, again, anew”; a feeling of gender that fades in and out but feels the same whenever it comes back. Different from genderfluid in that it’s one gender constantly resurfacing, rather than switching between genders. May be used on its own, or as a prefix to modify another gender.)  
  • Attrigender
  • Caminus Gender (Note: coined by Lapislazulikin, a xenogender that feels a strong warmth and a strong connection to multiple genders (at least two) or none at all and a strong identification with a feeling of warmth)
  • Comgender
  • Demidom/Demidomgender/Demipleru/Demiplerugender (Note: coined by SmartNerdGirl2)
  • Demipoly/Demipolygender (Note: coined by SmartNerdGirl2)
  • Domgender/Plerugender (Note: coiner unknown. When one has several genders, but a certain one is dominant. (Pleru derived from the latin root "plerumque", meaning "for the most part/mostly"))
  • Domflux/Pleruflux (Note: coined by SmartNerdGirl2)
  • Echogender (Note: coined by unknown. When you have trouble understanding/experiencing gender so you attempt to understand your gender by mimicking the genders of those you are closest to/most often around.)
  • Emotugender (Note: coined by unknown. Its a fluid or flux gender effected by emotions, mood, and state of mind. It is similar to affectugender, but is not exclusively a neurogender. One does not have to be diagnosed with a mood disorder to be emotugender, while they do to be affectugender. Just as an example, one may feel agender in a inactive state of mind and androgynous in an active one.)
  • Endogender (Note: coined by unknown. Related to genderfluxEndogender is when one has fluctuating gender feelings but are always at least partially masculine (endoboy), feminine (endogirl), or other (endogender/endononbinary). Ex. an Endogirl is when one has fluctuating feminine gender feelings but never feelings that are not at least partially feminine. From the Latin root “endo” meaning “within”.)
  • Equilibriogender (Note: coined by Temmus, Equilibriogender is a gender where you are a balance between 2 or more genders at the same time.)
  • Feugender (Note: coined by unknown, a gender that changes dependently on the weather and temperature.)
  • Fitsgender/Thehappyfitsgender
  • Genderblank (Note: Having a gender which can only be described by a blank space; when one’s gender is called into question, a blank space is all that comes up.)
  • Genderfluxvoid (Note: coiner unknown. It is when someone feels a small 'blob' of ever-changing gender in an empty void. Genderfluxvoid is a form of gendervoid and genderflux (hence genderfluxvoid). Genderfluxvoid flag was made by Kidsrule454)
  • Gendermeh (Note: coined by unknown. Where you're kinda cool with being called any gender, like whatever. You might not be that gender, you might not know your gender, but meh.)
  • Hemigender
  • Katagender/Omnigenderisation (Note: coiner unknown. You experience all genders, but also none at the same time. This makes it similar to but not identical to pangender, as pangender is all identities but katagender is all but also no identities. Zerk13Face made an alternative flag.)
  • Marfluid
  • Mudokongender (Note: coined by Tommycoolatta, a gender identity that is used when the user has a strong, gender-related connection to the Mudokon Characters from Abe's Oddysee and particularly Abe himself.)
  • Nobigender (Note: coined by Radioactive Gungirl, A genderfluid gender identity which exclusively consists of nonbinary gender identities, almost never a binary gender identity.)
  • Nxnbinary (Note: coined by Miiohau and ayumi-hino, A gender that is both a nonbinary gender (such as androgyne) and agender/no gender. You can be a nonbinary gender and agender/no gender at the same time, go between them, or fluctuate between feeling a gender and not feeling gender.) 
  • Nymphgender/Nymphs/Nymph (Note: coined by unknown. Nymhs, derived from both nimbus and nebula, refers to a gender which exists but is ambiguous or undefined. Drawing from this meaning the flag is loosely based off of Saturn and colors often seen associated with space, nebulousness, or lack of form.)
  • Personagender (Note: coiner unknown. A term used to describe a gender which is used in public as a social identity even though the individual doesn’t completely identify that way, eg. personaboy.)
  • Pheonixgender (Note: coined by Admiral Snatch. A term used to describe a gender which the individual feels very strongly for the majority of the time, yet it will occasionally disappear without a trace for a period of time, before it comes back just as strong as before.)
  • Scalatagender (Note: coiner unknown. Scalatagender (From latim scalata, which means stairs) is a gender experience outside of binarity. It is used to define the feeling of self discovering your gender by climbing/being through a lot of steps (different genders). You can feel like the staircase has no end and will always lead you to another gender (one that you will identify with more than the last one). It is a variation of pangender.)
  • Systemfluidflux (Note: coined by Anya111. Systemfluidflux is when a person with DID has their gender change with whoever is fronting (in control). But all of the alters experience fluctuations in intensity of their gender.)
  • Venngender (Note: coiner unknown. When two genders overlap with each other, creating a whole new gender; in relation to a venn diagram.)
  • Voidgender


Pocket Gender was coined by IngenDer on April 21st 2015.[2]

On May 24th 2016, Alex Stowe created a flag for Pocket Gender.[3]

Then on March 7th 2020, sleepygender made an alternative flag.[1]

Another alternative flag was made by Unicornian on March 23rd 2021.[4]

Flags + Details

The pink and blue represent masculinity and femininity. They are shaped in triangles to represent the varying amounts of masculinity and femininity. The purple represents androgyny, the black represents a form of genderlessness, and the orange represents maverique like genders.

Pocket Gender flag by Alex Stowe.[3]

1st alternative Pocket Gender flag by sleepygender.[1]

The colors represent diversity of uncommon terms.

2nd alternative Pocket Gender flag by Unicornian.[4]