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Qirl is a gender identity for black transgender nonbinary people. It is similar to girl but is separate from the white/western gender binary. The term drew inspiration from African American Vernacular English (AAVE). It is similar to the boi identity. Transgender people who use the term to refer to themselves use pronouns of any kind, regardless of gender.

Feminine nonbinary people who aren't black shouldn't call themselves qirls, and instead should think about other identity labels for themselves, such as demigirl or femme.


Qirl was coined on June 6, 2015 by Tumblr user Vmerli.[1] The flag was created by BoiQirl through a submission to ask-pride-color-schemes on February 2, 2017.[2]

The flag uses salmon pink, showing that it is similar to girl, which is associated with pink, but it is still its own separate thing. The three stripes in the middle are intentionally different from the middle stripes of the boi flag, showing that the two are not meant to be “opposites” of each other.

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