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Quantigender. Someone might come to identify as quantigender upon a novel experience of gender that first occurs during a mental state of flow (first coined by Hungarian-American psychologist Mihály Csíkszentmihály in 1975, "flow" refers to the feeling of being fully immersed with energized focus, full involvement, and enjoyment in the process of an activity), or some similar experience that might be described as mystical in that it seems somehow separate from any of the perceptions of everyday life.

Such states of full-immersion require expertise in skills required to perform an activity. The type of skill itself is irrelevant, and can be anything from acrobatics to knitting, hard sciences to mystical practice, provided one has developed it enough to be able to produce a fully immersed sense of focus and clarity. Thus, a quantigender-identified being can experience the discovery of their quantigender as anything from a moment of clarity, to a super-dimensional travel through subsequent dimensions toward the singularity, to a revelation from the Goddess depending on the Quantigender beings' experience of the activity.

In a phrase:

"We were doing yoga and breathwork and this sudden mental state of clarity, equanimity, and unwavering focus came over us. We began to release our grasp of our physical body, and begin to identify more with our subtle energetic body, before, in turn, letting go of our subtle body before ultimately coming to identify with the multiverse, Omega Point, or Cosmic Consciousness as whole. When we arrived at what appeared to be the very bottom of everything, we came upon another quantigender alter ego in our polygender multiplicity. It happened like this: As our subtle body gave our gross body permission to sleep, exactly one complete possible timeline of reality appeared before as we could behold all one possible reality simultaneously, extending into the past back to the big bang and toward the future all the way to the ultimate heat death of the universe. Simultaneously, it was as if we were watching it's quantity diminish into a singular actuality as the present moment continuously unfolded before our perceptions. Then, multiple timelines appeared before us, and more timelines after that. Then, we appeared before us, watching timelines appear and multiply. We were watching timelines multiply while watching our multiplying selves watch timelines multiply. Toward the conclusion of this rapid inter-dimensional succession, we became so expansive we began to asymptotically approach a thing that some might call The Truth, or Consciousness, or just the *is*-ness. We saw her, took a quick mental image of just one of her infinite sides, and used it in a later ritual to transmute her aspect into a new quantigender alter ego in of our system. Now her name is "Sadie" and she uses "she/hers" and likes jigsaw puzzles and Victorian-Era trivia."