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Transandrogynous, also called transandro or transdrogynous, is a term used to describe transgender individuals that identify fully or partially as androgyne or another androgynous gender.

Common Definitions[]

Transandrogyny or transdrogyny can be considered an umbrella term for individuals who have an androgyne-aligned gender identity. Transandrogynous individuals can also identify as other, non-androgynous genders as well. For example, a neutrandrogyne individual may identify as transandrogynous, though typically one's androgynous identities are more significant that one's non-androgynous identities, or one wants to emphasize their androgynous identity.

Transandrogynous is not necessarily a combination of transfeminine and transmasculine, but is a mix of the binary genders or could be a lack of gender. Unlike transmascfem, it is not exclusive to any AGAB or ANC.

Transandrogynous is sometimes used, not as a gender identity, but as a way to describe anyone who undergoes a transition process to an androgynous presentation (regardless of gender)- possibly through clothing, hair, surgery, hormone replacement therapy, or other methods.

The term was coined by Deviantart user decaykid on April 23, 2017.

Androgyne is a specific gender, while transnadrogynous is an umbrella term. It’s different the same way trans woman and transfeminine are different.

decaykid on Deviantart[1]



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