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Disclaimer: Following these tips is not required for transmasculine people. If you wish to you don't have to follow these word for word or at all. These tips are just here for people who wish to pass as cisgender.

For trans men and transmasculine people passing as a man or masculine may be important. This could be to ease gender dysphoria and create gender euphoria. There are a many ways to do this.


If you don't want to go to a barbershop, unisex places for haircuts exist. Going onto google and searching around for some could be of help. Don't be afraid to get the "trendier" hair cuts. They're trending for a reason. Getting trendy men's haircuts can actually be of help to passing. This is because there associated with masculinity more due to their popularity. Don't listen to people saying not to dye your hair or get things like mohawks. Never give up individuality for the approval of others.

Face Shapes[]

  • Oval shaped faces: Commonly considered the ideal shape for women, this one will be the trickiest. Adding volumes and creating angles will be of help. A suggestion is to make it longer on the top and short on the side, while parting on the side.
  • Square shape: Commonly considered ideal shape for men, this one will be the easiest. Full hair and deep side parts look amazing as well as buzz cuts. This face shape provides the most freedom for haircuts when trying to pass as male.

Voice Training[]


Binding is the process of flattening ones chest. For more information, safety and places to buy binders read here.


Packing is the process of creating the illusion of male genitalia. For more information on that read here.


Hiding Binders/Chest[]

Binder Chart

Things to look for in tops to hide binders.[1]

To go stealth or pass if you are binding the binder cannot be shown. One of the main things is the cut of the shirt. Avoid v-necks, scoop necks, light colored tops, tighter/fitter clothing. Layering is a massive help. Oversized hoodies, jackets, short sleeve over long sleeved etc. Wearing tops with patterns can help as it distracts from the chest.[2]Of course binding will be of a major help.


There are various things that will help in terms of passing when it comes to shirts. Finding tops with larger shoulders can help accentuate them.[1]T-shirts with a boxy shape (so ones that are shaped as squares and not rectangles) flow. What this "flow" does is it helps hide the hips. [3] Avoid synthetics and silk as these will cling to the skin. The clinging can cause accentuation of hips, showing binder straps and accentuating the chest. Shirts with designs generally draw focus away from the chest. Dark colors hide curves and hips.[4]

Button Ups[]

  • Plaid style buttons have a boxier shape that works better on AFAB bodies.
  • Length of shirt matters. Many button ups are rectangular shaped which can be a source of hip dysphoria.[5]



If you plan on going onto testosterone, the lower body will change. Due to this, it's best to buy pants that ease dysphoria now. Though don't but very expensive one as chances are fat redistribution will cause going down a size. Though gaining muscle can cause going up sizes to. Over shirts that go down to the hips can help minimize hips. [6]

Hiding The Hips[]

Compression shorts hug your hips and help hid them. Though similar to binders they cannot be worn for periods longer than eight hours. [1]

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