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Alternate transmasc flag

Transmasculine flag by Pride-flags

Transmasculine flag alternate

Transmasculine flag by pride-flags-for-us on Tumblr

Transmasculine flag alternative

Alternative transmasculine flag by PAQ4

Alternative transmasculine flag

Alternative transmasculine flag by throwawayacountyay

Transmasculine, often abbreviated to transmasc, is a term used to describe transgender and/or non binary people who have a gender identity that is predominantly masculine. Transmasculine people may or may not identify as male.

Another definition refers to transgender people who were assigned female at birth and whose genders are mainly or completely masculine, though people who are assigned male at birth or intersex can be transmasculine as well. In the case of AMAB individuals, they can only be considered transmasc if their identity is predominantly masculine but they do not identify as fully male. For example, a libramasc individual can be transmasculine.

Transmasculine may be used as a standalone identity term or an umbrella term to refer to both binary and non-binary trans men and man-aligned AFAB individuals.

The feminine equivalent of transmasculine is transfeminine. The androgynous equivalent is transandrogynous. The neutral equivalent is transneutral.


The transmasculine flag was created by Pride-flags on Deviant Art.

Transmasc flag alternate

Transmasculine flag by Qenu


Alternative transmasculine flag

An alternative transmasculine flag was created by pride-flags-for-us on Tumblr.

An alternative transmasculine flag was created by FANDOM user PAQ4 on Gender Wiki.

An alternative transmasculine flag was created by throwawayacountyay on Reddit.

An alternative transmasculine flag was created on Jaunary 7th, 2023, by FANDOM user Qenu on Gender Wiki. Dark blue represents binary males, purple represents androgyne gender expression, light blue represents non-binary males and pink represents feminine gender expression.

An alternative transmasculine flag was made by user @llamahologram (on tumblr) in July 23rd of 2021. The burnt orange represents the multitudes of identity, Light orange represents happiness and fulfillment, Yellow represents community, Light green represents transition in all aspects (doesn't necessarily represent medical transition), Dark green represents unique connections to masculinity, and the yellow circle/the sun represents being masculine in the way the sun is masculine.