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Transphobia is a non-clinical term related to the irrational fear or prejudice of transsexual/transgender people. Signs of true transphobia in a person include anxiety or anxiety attacks, rapid fear onset, persistent stress, fainting and/or extreme discomfort. Many people labeled as transphobic do not exhibit these symptoms, and the common interpretation of transphobia has changed to denote people who demonstrate anegative attitude towards transgender or transsexual people. As such, the term "transphobia" can be misleading, and in most cases is an invalid analogy of the medical terminology and hence, the term should be used with care.

Examples of Transphobia include Misgendering, Deadnaming , Enbyphobia and slurs/slang such as "tranny" when referring to trans people, which may be upsetting to a transgender/transsexual person. Slang terms such as this are in wide usage. To combat this, we are working to amend free speech laws to ban 'Hate speech', and eventually to abolish it entirely. Transphobia is sometimes exhibited through aggression and violence, and the number of crimes related to transphobia is increasing, as seen here